Passion For Sorrow and Eosphorus to release digital albums today!


We are proud to announce that Passion For Sorrow and Eosphorus will release their albums “Rotting Immortality” and “Winds Of Apep” worldwide today  (excluding Japan) via the Orchard through the digital market.

You can stream their previews here:

More informations:

Release party:

Passion For Sorrow:
Release party:

Notice of holiday break


Our office is now closed for the well deserved summer holidays.

It has been such a busy and intense year so we need a break to recoup energies and reset our minds before we start with a lot of  new awesome projects, releases and new opportunities for wormholedeath.

We will open again on september the 3rd.

Have a great summer!!!!!!!!!!!


Wormholedeath Japan to announce new release Schedule


Release Schedule – Nov 2014 to Jan 2015

5th Nov,2014: Phaze I – Uprising
5th Nov,2014: Selfmachine – Broadcast Your Identity

26th Nov,2014: Dynabyte – 2KX

3rd Dec,2014:  No Dawn – Dark Aura

24th Dec,2014: Right To The Void – Kingdom of Vanity
24th Dec,2014: Raging Age – Regions of Sorrow

7th Jan,2015: Claymords – Scum of The Earth
7th Jan,2015:  Age of Torment – I Against

28th Jan,2015: Nacom – Crawling Human Souls
28th Jan,2015: Dunkenacht – Revelatio
28th Jan,2015: Curse of The Forgotten – Building The Palace

All albums will be released via Wormholedeath / Space Shower Music.

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Eosphorus announces digital release date for Winds Of Apep

Swedish satanic Black metal monsters Eosphorus just announced the worldwide digital release date for their dark masterpiece “Wind Of Apep”. The album will be avalable through The Orchard from August the 19th.

The following shops are accepting pre-orders.

iTunes     2014-07-16     
Rhapsody     2014-07-18     
eMusic     2014-07-16     
24/7     2014-07-18     
7 Digital     2014-07-18     
Virgin FR     2014-07-22     
Telecom Italia S.p.A     2014-07-16     
Starzik SARL     2014-07-22     
Mix&Burn     2014-07-16     
Amazon Digital Services Inc.     2014-07-16     
Spotify     2014-07-24     
Xbox Music     2014-07-16     
Altacom     2014-07-22     
Myspace     2014-07-16     
Mobizone     2014-07-19     
Aspiro     2014-07-19     
Vervelife     2014-07-22     
Omnifone     2014-07-22     
rDio     2014-07-18     
MUZ.RU CJSC     2014-07-19     
YouTube     2014-07-18     
Inform-mobil     2014-07-17     
Yandex LLC     2014-07-20     
NMusic     2014-07-19     
Phononet     2014-07-16     
Google Music     2014-07-18     
Cricket Communications, Inc.     2014-07-16     
JB Hi-Fi     2014-07-19     
YouTube Subscription     2014-07-18  

Winds Of Apep

Album tracklist:


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Laurent De Wolf sign endorsement deal with Velvet Cymbals


Laurent stated: “it’s with great pleasure that I can tell you i’m officially endorsed by VELVET Cymbals! I’d like to say thank you to Victor Perret for his kindness and for the awesome work he’s doing.”

Established in 2007 by Victor PERRET, VELVET CYMBALS is the first french company to produce her cymbals in Istanbul. Top of the range cymbal in the pure turkish tradition, with an elegant design and intrusive sounds, VELVET CYMBALS quickly knew how to affix its signature and stand out as reference with the musicians.

Since the 17th century, the mater cymbal smiths bequeath a meticulous know-how which gives to each hand-made cymbal her acoustic particularitiies and her own esthetics. This magic of a new viibration coupled with a perfect finish, VELVET
CYMBALS made its passion to satisfy every drummers.

At VELVET CYMBALS, besides the attention carried to the manufacturing requirements and to the traditionnal techniques, we embrace modernity, explore sounds, answer to the aspirations and the expectations of drummers in quest, as us,
of new harmonious sensations.

B20 alloy with a secret alchemy, moulding, hammering, chiseling, VELVET CYMBALS totally respect this essential composition and gives to this learned partition its imaginatuon, its creativity, its taste of the echo, of the excellence, its love of the music
and the artists.

Passion For Sorrow (Czech Republic) sign with Wormholedeath

Passion For Sorrow
We are extremely proud to announce the signing of Czech Melodic Death Metal combo Passion For Sorrow.
The band just completed the long work behind the scenes to produce, record and create their debut album “Rotting Immortality” wich will be released via The Orchard on August the 19th through the worldwide digital market.

Rotting Immortality

The record that has been produced, recorded and mixed by Jonathan Mazzeo and mastered by Dan Swanö will feature the following tracks:

Secrets Of The Dark
The Phantom
Dark Seed
My Inspiration
World At The Abyss
The Day Death Left The Grave
Rotting Immortality

To celebrate this special day the band have uploaded a full song preview that can be streamed at this location:

About the band:

It’s not that long when Passion For Sorrow has started invading Prague’s underground music clubs, making local metal fans surprised by its contrastful synergy of death power, gothic beauty and doom sadness. Despite a “new in the town” band, Passion For Sorrow has been immediately recognized and invited to gig with some of the leading local bands like Assessor, Unborn or Nocturnal Pestilence. Recently has also supported the tour of Czech gothic rock legend Greedy Invalid.
The roots of the band’s production are inspired by Scandinavian death metal hailing Dark Tranquility, In Flames, Amon Amarth or Opeth. In contradiction to the death metal vocal barking and heavy riffing, there’s simultaneously spice of emotional melodies supported by classical orchestra instruments.
In January 2014 Passion For Sorrow hit  Mathlab Recording Studio in Italy to record its debut album “Rotting Immortality”.
In the album, Passion For Sorrow presents their own version of how the living death classics has started, taking us to the time before the death infection has taken over the world as we know it from the movies. The story is rather filled with mysticism, occultism and gothic romance then sci-fi.

The band stated: “We are truly happy and proud to send our baby “Rotting Immortality” out into the world through Worm Hole Death. We have left a piece of our hearts in this album and on the top we have gifted it with an exciting concept. Nine songs puzzles together a mystical story behind the living death classics. As a language for that we have used death and doom metal with a bit of gothic influences, orchestra and ambient sounds to match the right atmosphere! We are thankful to WHD team for giving us an opportunity to join the family. We are sure it was the best decision so far in the band’s history. Working with you guys is just easy and pleasant! Passion For Sorrow is looking forward to our upcoming future together!”

Worm stated: “The first time I met these guys I had a great feeling … That feeling that you enjoy when you look in someone’s eyes and you understand that you can trust deeply that person. Passion For Sorrow are pure, they really believe in what they are doing and the whole band works so hard. As a label we tend to push our artists to their limits and that’s what we have done with them. They have proven thirselves to be ready for an album release on the battle field so here we go, finally, with the announcement of their signing with our label! Please check their awesome music and concept out and spread their name specially if you believe that music should be played with the most heartfelt motivation…Just like Passion For Sorrow do.”

Stay tuned as the cd release will be announced soon!
The album’s release party is scheduled for September the 20th in Prague at Fall Metal Attack.

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