Havenless (France) sign with Wormholedeath!


French progressive death metal combo Havenless signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the release of their debut album “The Crimson Lines”.
The record, produced by Wahoomi Corvi and mastered by JONAS LINDSTRÖM, will be available worldwide during this winter.

Official release dates will be announced soon by The Orchard and Aural Music.

About the band:

HAVENLESS was created in France , in early 2012, by singer/guitarist/composer Fred Blanchard (Ossuaire, ex-Fate of fallacy, Onyrisme). The line-up was completed with bass player Vincent Mattana (ex-Fate of Fallacy, ex-Sylver Machine), guitar player Benoit Bonnoron and drummer Vincent Roubière (ex-Offending, Reverence, Asmodee, Sael). After some shows in the south west of France, Vincent Roubière left the band. Recently, a new drummer named Romain Choisy joined.
After the first album came out, Vincent Mattana decided to leave the band to be replaced by the bass player Christine Lanusse (Quantice). HAVENLESS released their debut EP “Architecture of plague”, which was recorded and mixed at ECHOES STUDIO in May by Raphaël Henry and mastered in July at UBIK MASTERING by keyboard player Pierre-Yves Marani.

The band’s progressive death metal sound is strongly influenced by OPETH, IHSAHN, ENSLAVED, and PORCUPINE TREE whereas the lyrics may remind KING DIAMOND ‘s style .

To celebrate this great event the band have posted a full song preview online for the track “Lamentation”

Cover artwork (by Machine Room) and tracklist are as follows:


2-Sons of the raging season
3-Nightwalk for tragedy
4-Orphnas of magic
5-Cold shape
6-House of the bleak
7-In the soreness chamber
9-Shades in the moor

Worm stated: “Havenless is a very young project and I got to know about them from their producer Wahoomi wich believed in them first. I suddenly understood that these guys were doing serious things and that they had a genuine and professional approach to their music. What I like of them is the choice for a natural sounding production and the use of tons of analog gear in studio wich is actually something breaking the rules in a music world done with drumkit from hell’s fake drums and guitar softwares like amplitube, guitar rig and so on. Their progressive attitude is something that will make this record work both for the insiders and audience. The awesome artwork created by graphic monster Rhett Petersoo completes a truly professional project. Now it’s our turn to support the band and we’ll try our best since these guys really deserve this.”

Havenless stated: “We started working on our first EP « Architecture of plague » some years ago ;and we received some very good feedback from webzines, fanzines, magazines, etc… We have no doubt that it will be even better with this first album! We have been working hard on this record during two weeks at the studio and we are happy with the sound quality and how the album sounds production wise. We have chosen an untrendy approach if we compare our record to contemporary metal releases: that’s pretty much an old school production which could be comapared to the 90’s thanks to ambient patterns used by old progressive rock bands… so yes, we preferred to use the analog studio materials, avoiding drum triggers and tracking guitars with old school guitar amps, just because we like the organic sound with a real human touch! Wormholedeath have offered us a deal that we signed without hesitation ; we hope that together that this album will appeal to fans of progressive death metal!

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Dunkelnacht have created a beautiful concept-website to explain the philosophy behind their music and lyrics.
Check it out, it is simply awesome!


Official website:

New releases out today!

29092014_NO LOGO

We are proud to anounce that the following albums:

Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy “The Lunatic Chapters Of Heavenly Creatures”
Eosphorus “Winds Of Apep”
Passion For Sorrow “Rotting Immortality”
Six Days Of May “Lymph”
The Unhallowed “Chaingenesis”

Are out today.

The Cds are now available worldwide through Aural Music’s mailorder.


Purchase links:


All products are available via all the best digital stores as usual.

Wormholedeath Youtube Channel – Massive Update


We are finally making a massive update for our youtube channel.
All videos, trailers, previews, best live performances and much more from our astists will be available for streaming on our page.

Please pay a visit during the coming weeks as you’ll find a lot of great suprises!


From Earth (featuring ex-members of Born From Pain and Blind Sight) sign worldwide deal with Wormholedeath.


Wormholedeath is more than proud to announce the signing of devastating Dutch band From Earth which inked a worldwide deal for the release of their masterpiece album “Dark Waves” with our label.

Formed in late 2012 with former members from the bands “BORN FROM PAIN” and “BLIND SIGHT”, From Earth are one of the most promising European rising acts since times.

Their immediate deal with German monsters MAD TOURBOOKING is just a proof of what this band is capable of.

Just let their music do the talking and you will understand what it’s all about.


album tracklist is as follows:

01. The Fallen Ones
02. Fragment of Creation
03. Dark Center
04. Blood Runs Cold05. Perfect Storm06. Libera Nos
07. The Longest Fight
08. Into the Abyss
09. Godforsaken
10. Age of Deceit
11. New light

The album cover has been unveiled as well:


Digital release date is already announced for : 21-10-2014

Worm states: “ok, here we go again with a statement, but this time it is going to be special… From Earth is a spectacularly brutal and violent project which have produced one of the most tuneful and intense albums ever conceived by a European band. From Earth’s roots are deeply grounded in its members’ past experiences with worldwide respected acts like Born From Pain and Blind Sight with a vision to the future thanks to their modern and apocalyptic drive. The first time that I listened to this record the whole office was blown away and my first thought was something like this: “Fuck schedules, we need to sign this band now or someone else is going to do it during the coming couple of hours.” So I asked guitarist Tommie Bonajo if they wanted to release the album through our company. We have been lucky, they accepted our offer. I would like to thank the band for their trust in us and I am pretty sure that they will not regret their choice even if I have to admit that this band will grow big soon with or without a label. We will give them a solid help for that goal, this is for sure.”

 From Earth states: “We have been working hard on this record and we are extremely satisfied to release “Dark Waves” the very way we always envisioned it. We are very proud of the hard work, the sacrifices we made along the way and the way the record turned out. Song wise, production wise and lay out wise this record has been a long yet satisfying DIY journey, in which we were more than able to capture all our inspiration. The cooperation with Wormholedeath is yet another step in showing the world what we are capable of and cannot wait to display what From Earth stands for: hard and aggressive modern metal with a twist of our own.“

For fans of Gojira, Mastodon, Lamb Of God and the likes.More songs can be streamed online via the band’s Soundcloud profile:


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Angerman “No Tears For The Devil” and Kal-El “Pakal” Out Now in Japan



Wormholedeath Japan is proud to announce that “No Tears For The Devil” from Angerman and “Pakal” from Kal-El are now available in Japan via Space Shower Music.

You can check both bands’ latest efforts by streaming their album previews.

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