Agharti To Announce First Leg Of European Tour

agharti euro tour
We are proud to announce that croatian modern rock band Agharti will start its first European tour on December the 13rd. 
During December you will be able to see them performing live in Austria, Belgium, France and their home country Croatia.

13/12/2014  - TBA (Croatia)
18/12/2014 – Fania Live – Wien (Austria)
19/12/2014 – B52 – Eenegem (Belgium)
20/12/2014 – Rock Classic – Bruxelles (Belgium)
21/12/2014 – No man’s Land – Volmerange Les Mines (France)
23/12/2014 – Mala Scena – Karlovac (Croatia)

Don’t lose the chance to catch them live!

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Underwell “The Chant Of Husks” And Dynabyte “2KX” Out Today In Japan!

Underwell “The Chant Of Husks” And Dynabyte “2KX” will be out from today in Japan via Wormholedeath Japan!
The albums will be distributed from today by Space Shower Music in all Japanese shops!


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Frostbitten Kingdom to release The Winter War Symphony today!


Finnish Epic Death/Black Metallers will release their new masterpiece The Winter War Symphony worldwide today!

Here a list of the shops with their release dates:

iTunes 2014-10-21
MediaNet 2014-10-22
Rhapsody 2014-10-21
eMusic 2014-10-22
24/7 2014-10-26
7 Digital 2014-11-08
Telecom Italia S.p.A 2014-10-26
Mix&Burn 2014-10-22
Amazon Digital Services Inc. 2014-10-22
Spotify 2014-10-30
Xbox Music 2014-10-21
deezer 2014-10-30
Mobizone 2014-10-31
Vervelife 2014-10-31
Omnifone 2014-10-22
rDio 2014-10-21
MUZ.RU CJSC 2014-10-24
YouTube 2014-10-21
NMusic 2014-10-22
Boinc 2014-10-21
Phononet 2014-10-27
Google Music 2014-10-21
Cricket Communications, Inc. 2014-10-22
JB Hi-Fi 2014-10-28
KKBOX 2014-11-01
Library Ideas / Freegal 2014-10-24
SoundCloud 2014-10-23
YouTube Subscription 2014-10-22
Simfy Africa 2014-11-01
Facebook 2014-10-21
SiriusXM 2014-11-14

In cooperation with, Wormholedeath and Frostbitten Kingdom have released an exclusive track premiere wich can be streamed at this location:

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Ideogram to release debut album “Life Mimics Theatre” today!


Italian Avantgarde metal band Ideogram just released their debut masterpiece “Life Mimics Theatre”!

These shops have announced their release dates as follows:

iTunes 2014-10-29
MediaNet 2014-10-29
Rhapsody 2014-10-29
eMusic 2014-10-29
24/7 2014-10-29
7 Digital 2014-11-01
Telecom Italia S.p.A 2014-10-29
Mix&Burn 2014-11-03
Amazon Digital Services Inc. 2014-10-29
Spotify 2014-10-30
Xbox Music 2014-10-29
deezer 2014-11-01
Mobizone 2014-11-11
Vervelife 2014-10-31
Omnifone 2014-10-29
rDio 2014-10-29
MUZ.RU CJSC 2014-10-30
YouTube 2014-10-31
Psonar Limited 2014-11-02
Boinc 2014-10-29
Phononet 2014-10-29
Google Music 2014-11-01
Cricket Communications, Inc. 2014-10-29
JB Hi-Fi 2014-11-02
KKBOX 2014-10-30
Library Ideas / Freegal 2014-10-29
SoundCloud 2014-10-29
YouTube Subscription 2014-10-29
Facebook 2014-10-29

Official video for the song “Falling Snow” can be streamed at this location:

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Fade started playing music when he was 16 years old, studying musical theory. Since the beginning he found out his passion for bass guitar so he started getting lessons in a music school in Bologna and in Cesenatico. He plays the instrument in a complete way, playing different styles (in particular funk and jazz), including fretless bass and double bass (which he’s playing even now). He has got a solid technique and excellent knowledge of the harmonic theory.

Fade is curretly bass player in avantgarde gothic metal band Levania and recently started recording
music with his brand new project DEPLACEMENT (Electronic New Wave).

Founded by the legendary Leo Fender in 1980, G&L Musical Instruments is among the top makers of fine electric guitars and basses. The company is highly regarded for innovative design, precision craftsmanship and superb tone.
G&L offers instruments of a wide range of models made in the original G&L factory on Fender Avenue in Fullerton, California, while imported versions serve more popular price points while still maintaining the high standards associated with the G&L brand. Since the death of Leo Fender in 1991, the company has been owned by BBE Sound, Inc., a leader in audio signal processing technology, maker of professional audio equipment, and licensor of audio technologies to consumer electronics manufacturers around the world.


FADE stated:
“I’d like to thank Gianluca Aramini for the opportunity. The combiantion of the playability of the neck and the sound of the two pick ups makes the SB-2 G&L Tribute my ideal instrument to play. I can go from the deep and warm sound of Levania to the more dry sound of Deplacement.”

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Mycelia (Switzerland) sign with Wormholedeath


Swiss Progressive Death-Djent combo Mycelia signed a worldwide deal for the production and release of their new album which will be produced by Wahoomi Corvi at Realsound studio during March 2015.

The band is ready to record 11 brand new tracks as new album’s songwriting process is now completed.

About the band:

Marc Trummer – Drums
Mike Schmid – Guitars
Marc Fürer – Vocals

Mycelia was founded in 2010 by members Mike Schmid and Marc Trummer who were trying to face the challenge of writing songs, not only way above the musical level of what they were used to play in former bands, but also by using influences from various musical genres and combining them to something fresh, original and yet beautiful. Inspired by artists such as The Human Abstract, Meshuggah or The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mike and Marc quickly put together a few songs, and were searching for musicians to play the second guitar, bass and vocals. It didn’t take long until they found Patrick Küng, Roy Sonderegger and Marc Fürer with whom they recorded their first songs and played the first concerts with great bands such as Carnifex, Veil of Maya, Suffokate and Maroon.

After releasing two online demo EP’s, and a major step back when Patrick the second guitarist left them in early 2012, the band started working on their first album “Isolator”. Containing six songs, which were all recorded, mixed and mastered by the band itself, the album quickly made its way across the internet, and the limited copies of 100 pieces were soon sold out. Motivated by all the positive feedback Mycelia started writing songs again, intending to soon release a second album. In Jocke Skog, guitarist of Clawfinger and co-producer of After the Burial’s “In Dreams” album, they found the producer they needed and in a collaboration of two months with Jocke, Mycelia finished their album “NOVA” and released it in early 2013.

Recently bass player Roy left the band and they are already auditoning musicians to take over the task. The three guys of Mycelia are now spending their time playing concerts, increasing their musical repertoire, and apart from countless hours working on their skills, songs, sounds and selfmade productions, they’re keeping the joy in music and share a close friendship which they hope can inspire their audience in the best possible way.


The band stated:

“Mycelia has always been a self-providing band and after five years of doing recordings, management, booking and promotion by ourselves we almost couldn’t imagine anymore to let someone else do that for us. When Carlo from WormHoleDeath made us the offer to become part of his family we were skeptical but nonetheless wanted to get to know the guys and travelled to Parma, Italy. Now after signing the contract, spending several months in collaboration with him and the guys of RealSound Studio, and soon recording and releasing our first signed album we couldn’t be happier having taken this step! It’s a pleasure and an honor having gotten to know these guys and being able to call them our friends!”

Worm stated:

“when I got to know these swiss guys I thought that signing them was going to be such a good move for our label, but this is story already, because when they came back to me with the new tracks I fell in love with their music and attitude so deeply that I left the professional approach behind to discover something new … Something like being so proud to belong to a project that much to feel lucky. Yes, I am talking about a lucky strike here, since these guys left unsigned were going to be on a big label in a few years. For the first time I felt the feeling of being completely captured by every sigle song and single word said by the guys. Honestly it is not usual to find such adavanced technique in Europe since we are used to see these champions located in the US. Finally we have a band here which will be able to “defy” these american monsters. The name is Mycelia. Remeber my words, I may sound exceeding I know, but after having listened to their new album, I am sure, we’ll talk again about this matter.”

While waiting for the new record to be released you all should give a spin to Mycelia’s previous release “NOVA”.

Mycelia – Shmashmortion

MYCELIA – Steam (Official Playthrough)


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