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Explosive Stage – Exit Festival (Novi Sad – Serbia)

Explosive stage is none the less the legenday metal/rock stage for the massive Exit Festival in Novi Sad (Serbia).

This year 3 of our artists (Sanctrum, The Way Of Purity and Guardians Of Time) are confirmed alongside with Napalm Death, Fear Factory, Terror, Nuclear Assault and many more!

Festival Trailer:

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Get PROMO Tickets & more info here:

- ENG / www.bit.ly/1yGaoet
- SER / www.bit.ly/1yGasuI

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9th May 2015 @ CuevaRock Live, Quartucciu (CA).
Open doors: 9 pm

Female Voices Fest is the first Sardinian Festival dedicated to female voices in metal bands and in similar genres. The idea was born by Ilaria Falchi, singer of Lightless Moor, gothic doom metal band from Cagliari. The aim of the festival is to promote in Sardinia female fronted bands that in the underground local metal scene have not much visibility. It’s the place where female singers can freely express themselves and their art and create new projects and new collaborations. The 3 keywords behind the philosophy of the festival are: collaboration, spontaneity and sustainability. The First edition of the Festival was in 8th November 2014 with 4 local bands that shared the stage with strenght and energy. This year it will take place on 9th May at CuevaRock Live (Quartucciu-CA).
Headliners of this year edition will be Temperance (Novara-Italy), with their modern melodic metal, openers for Within Temptation on last June at Alcatraz (Milan) and back from their USA tour. In April they will release their second album “Limitless” via Scarlet Records.
The other guest band will be Fatal Cliché, power symphonic metal from Rome, born in 2011 that will present their EP out in November 2013.
First to tread the stage will be 2 local bands. The openers will be Worn Out, alternative band from Cagliari, that released their first full lenght “Spleen” on last December. Then Lightless Moor, host of the Fest, will play their “Crying My Grief To A Feeble Dawn – The Poem”, full lenght out in September 2013 via WormHoleDeath.  During the show there will be artisans that will expose their handmade creations.
Lot of sponsors and media have already given their support and many more are joining in these days. The definitive list of partnerships and more details as the ticket price and the timetable will be announced soon.


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Fatal Cliché

Lightless Moor


Worn Out

Right To The Void To Release New Video Today!

The massive video campaign from Right To The Void continues with a new insane visual project for the track “Through The Grave”

The video can be streamed here:

The track is taken from their sophomore album “”Light Of The Fallen Gods” out via Wormholedeath

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Whispering Woods (Ro) To Released Second Full Length Album Via Loud Rage Music Today

whispering woods
Romanian Symphonic Gothic Doom Metal sensation WHISPERING WOODS have now released their second album titled “Perditus et Dea” on Loud Rage Music. 

The album was released Today (26/2/2015) in digital stores and is officially distributed worldwide by Wormholedeath / Aural Music Group.

Physical CD release will follow in March 2015.

Album teaser:


This is what the parts had to say about this:


“Since the beginning of Whispering Woods we always dreamed of having a collaboration with a label that could complement all of our work. We are extremely delighted and honored to have the opportunity of working with this highly dedicated and professional team. Thanks to Loud Rage Music, we can now mark the beginning of the newest and most exciting chapter of our fairy tale!” 
Doru Cailean (Whispering Woods’ guitarist and founding member)

“Having such a professional and hard-working band as Whispering Woods as the first signing on Loud Rage Music is a definite statement that we only aim for the best. It’s an honor to have them aboard and we, as much as the band, promise the new album will be not only a confirmation of the huge band’s talent but also one that will take the World by storm and give Metal fans a new band to cheer for!” -Adrian (Loud Rage Music owner)


Band Bio:

The idea of Whispering Woods came to life during 2008 when two good friends decided to start a musical project which would have as a main character the symphonic genre. Even though it was a common genre at the time and many bands had both commercial and stage success, the idea was kept alive by the thought of making a kind of musical show based on a conceptual idea. Thus, the songs which developed in time to form the debut album, Fairy Woods, are sustained by a concept story in which the listener is the main character who takes part in an imaginary journey through a mystical place where everything is possible.

The band went through many lineup changes, but from the beginning, the idea of a musical concept and not a group of people was the main element which drove things forward. Fortunately, summer 2010 brought the long desired stability within the band when Catalina Popa (flute – also plays alongside Haggard) agreed to join the group. Even though the flute wasn’t part of the initial plans, it turned out to be a great addition and a big plus from a musical point of view. Cora (keyboards) and Alexandra(soprano) made contact through her and so the band was in a complete formation.

The same year brought the 3rd demo attempt (the previous ones were made with the old lineups) which included 4 songs. Finally, in the end of June 2011, almost a year after the lineup was defined, the band started the recording process of its full length debut album. The raw material was recorded in Romania and it was mixed and mastered by Frank Renner, known for his work with Haggard, Crow7 etc., both in Romania and Germany.

Fairy Woods, their debut album, was released in digital form on September the 30th 2011 and in physical form in April 2012 and was very well received by the metal community as well as the industry critics.

In the middle of 2012, Corina Hamat, a mezzo soprano who collaborated over the years with the band, obtained the status of full member. Having both a soprano and mezzo soprano was an old dream which is now accomplished. 2013 brings a new addition to the band – István Vladareanu joins the ranks as the new bass player.

Whispering Woods has quite an extensive stage experience (all of the members have performed in other bands in the past), with a number of live appearances in this formula (in Romania for the time being) at festivals, private concerts and club gigs. Their shows have been described as “magical”, “creating a dreamlike atmosphere”, “enchanting”, “with mind blowing vocals”, and so on.

Their shows are characterized by a high level of professionalism, impeccable performance and great stage presence.


The band is now ready to tour:

03.28 – RO – Cluj-Napoca – Flying Circus Pub
04.04 – RO – Zalau – Rock’n Roll Center
04.16 – PL – Rzeszow – Vinyl
04.17 – SK – Dolny Kubin – Pivaren
04.18 – HU – Budapest – Route 66
04.19 – SK – Bratislava – U Ocka
04.20 – PL – Krakow – Kawiarnia Naukowa



Alexandra Burca – soprano
Corina Hamat – mezzo soprano
Catalina Popa – flute
Cora Miron – keyboards
Alex Dascal – drums
Istvan Vladareanu – bass guitar
Doru Cailean – lead guitar

Reference links:

Whispering Woods


Loud Rage Music




Revealing The Conscience (SK) Sign With Wormholedeath


Slovakian metal band Revealing The Conscience have signed a worldwide deal with Wormholedeath for the release of their debut album “Time Will Reveal”.

The record, produced by Jonathan Mazzeo, is a concentrate of brutal and melodic songs influenced by death metal, speed metal, power metal and black metal.

To celebrate this great event the band have prepared an teaser that can be streamed at this youtube location:

About the band:

Revealing The Conscience is a metal band from Nitra, Slovakia.
It was formed at the begining of 2011 by Oskar Szöke, Maroš Lahucký and Juraj Skacan. The first two of them were previously members in a band called Martyrium Hospic.  After Martyrium Hospic split, Oskar and Maroš took the initiative of establishing a new band, they were looking for a keyboard player and thus they got in touch with Juraj in February 2011. This was the moment which led to the first rehearsal. After a short time a new member joined the band – Dodo Zaujec became lead vocalist. By this the „heart“ of the band was founded and the rehearsals became more and more intensive. The main issue at that time was still the post of second guitarist as the band checked out more musicians but without any success. This problem has been solved in winter 2011/2012 – Juraj introduced Šimon Lašák to the band mates and as both
sides after the first audition noticed that it may work well, he decided to join the band. The first official gig took place on October the 21st 2011 in Rock Club Naozzay in Nitra, Slovakia. The band managed to play alongside Snovonne, the alternative metal singer, whose band is now quite well known in Europe’s alternative music scene. In spring 2012 the first demo ever was recorded, it brought 3 regular songs („Hellbender“, „God And Satan“ and „Farewell“ plus intro) which showed the way the band would like to go: heavy riffs and melodic keyboard melodies along with a massive growl. Between the years 2012 – 2013 Revealing The Conscience played some concert gigs and continued preparing new songs. This period of pushing at getting a higher level ended in signing a deal with WormHoleDeath and in the first half of summer
2014 the band spent a couple of weeks in MathLab Recording Studio in Italy recording the debut album. There is one more important thing about 2014, since in autumn the line-up was finally completed by engaging of a regular bass player (the album was recorded with a guest player).
Dávid Csámpai spoke to the band after seeing them playing a live gig and both sides were glad to pull together and to work on a new material. The music genre of Revealing The Conscience is a way specific, it may be entitled as a melodic metal with various elements of death metal, heavy metal, power metal, as well as a little bit of black metal. Every member is bringing his own contribution, which is determined by his preferred music genre. The main composer is Oskar, but other members add a piece of their own work to his ideas and this is how the majority of songs on the debut album have originated (except the intro, which has been whole composed by Juraj). Anyway, all of the band members are participating in creative process. Most of the lyrics come from the young author Petra Adámeková (one song of the album was written by Juraj). She helped the band a lot especially at the beginning. On the debut album Revealing The Conscience is bringing you a lot of melodic but massive metal stuff, full of emotions and contrasts, reflecting a lot of things happening inside of a human person who is trying to bear them up and to live with them.



About the Album:

1. Haunted (Intro)
2. Hellbender
3. The Damned
4. Waiting for Salvation
5. Struggling Within
6. Withered Roses
7. Passed through Wonderland
8. Farewell
9. The Breakdown
10. Mess Up
11. God and Satan


The whole band stated:

“Revealing The Conscience is proud to announce the signing of a deal with a record label WormHoleDeath! Based on this deal, we have recorded our debut album „Time Will Reveal“ in Montale, Italy at the MathLab Recording Studio and it was mastered at Finnvox by Mika Jussilla. We all have been working very hard from the last year’s summer till now to prepare a high-class music compilation. Everyone of us is happy about the result and hopes that so will be all of you! “Time Will Reveal” consists of an intro and 10 regular songs, full of both power and emotion, hard riffs and melodic parts, robustness and atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to get one just for you! We assure you that we have put a lot of ourselves into the music and there is absolutely no chance at all to be bored in any way!”

Worm stated:

“Working with these guys is being a real pleasure since they know what they are doing and they never lose the focus on goals. Everything is flowing smoothly work-wise, not to mention the fact that they are very nice guys and honestly, it has been great to spend time with them. We have been working hard together and we reached a good result if I think of the album. In a few words these guys are serious and reliable, plus their music is strong so we have everything in place to go ahead fast and well here. By our side, we’ll do everything possible to support their release and career.”

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Norhod Re-sign With Wormholedeath, Announce New EP And Enter Recording Studio.


Italian Epic / Symphonic metallers Norhod signed a new deal with Wormholedeath for the release of their new EP which is scheduled for spring 2015.

Here’s the Official Press-Statement from the band:

“We are very excited to announce our re-signing with Worm Hole Death for the release of our new EP.
In this year we worked very hard to evolve our sound and to introduce new elements and influences into our songs and we are very looking forward to make you hear them. We are very happy to work again with WHD and we are sure that together we’ll do great things!

The band is now working at Mathlab Recording Studio with producer Jonathan Mazzeo and when ready with the full tracking will fly to Canada to mix the songs with Christian Donaldson.

The new EP is set to feature 6 new tracks composed to enhance the band’s epic approach, symphonic sound imprint and vision.

Worm Stated:

“We are really happy to have the chance to work again with Norhod. We have showed our trust in them by releasing their awesome debut album and we will continue with this new EP. The new tracks are strong and solid. I am sure that these guys will show what they are capable of through this release which will confirm their own style and conviction …Just give them time and you will see. We were all happy when the band showed interest in working with us again and this makes us proud.  We are a good team together and we will go ahead together.
That’s it.”

Artwork will be once again created by Rhett Petersoo at Machine – Room.

Everything is ready.
Norhod are back!

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Inflikted “Inflikted” – OUT TODAY IN JAPAN!


Inflikted’s debut album “Inflikted” will be out from today in Japan via Wormholedeath Japan!
The album will be distributed by Space Shower Music in all Japanese shops!


Official Video:


Reference links:


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