Swedish Unholy Black Metal Cult HELVETESTROMB have released their album “Demonic Excrements Cursed With Life” through the digital market today via Wormholedeath! Buy now on itunes or die!

Japanese Modern Metallers No Limited Spiral have released their album “Into the Marinesnow” today in Japan and through the digital market via Wormholedeath. Buy Now! DISK UNION or itunes

Finnish Rockers Zarthas have released their album “Reflections” via all digital stores. Check out the album via Spotify  or purchase via itunes !

We are proud to announce that french metallers Right to the Void’s new EP “Lūnātĭo” will be released via Wormholedeath/The Orchard (release date TBA)! “Lūnātĭo” EP   More...