ANGELLORE | “Errances”

Rosarius – Guitars, bass, clean & extreme vocals, keyboards
Walran – Extreme & clean vocals, keyboards
Ronnie – Drums


Rosarius & Walran met in 2007. Carried by the same desire of expressing their deepest and most meaningful emotions into a dark and beautiful music, they decided to start their very own doom metal project. Whereas Rosarius (guitars, vocals) was into gothic music, Walran (synths, vocals) bore with him a very personal folk touch. Both of these unexpected influences would make their way into a majestic sorrowful music… ANGELLORE was born.

Within the next 18 months, a demo and two EP were released. Despite the disappointing sound quality, they managed to get some very positive reviews on the Internet and grabbed the attention of a Portuguese musician, Merankorii, who asked the duet to be part of a split CD with him, which was released in a limited edition that quickly became sold-out.

This great amount of positive reactions encouraged Walran & Rosarius to take ANGELLORE to the next level. They hired their old friend Ronnie to play the drums, and got some help from Catherine “Cathy” Arquez, a well-established violin player. In December 2009, they entered the Studio AV run by Florent Krist (guitarist in CYNIC’s band members’ side project AEON SPOKE), and recorded their first full length, “Errances”. Produced by the same Florent Krist and mastered by Markus Skroch from the Kalthallen Studios (HEL, MYRKGRAV, ELANE, NATTSOL…), “Errances” is the real testimony of Rosarius and Walran’s ability to create some haunting and mesmerizing compositions.

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