Ad Inferna

AD INFERNA | “Trance n’ Dance” (2009)

V. Orias A. : Lead Guitars, Keyboards & Electronics

V. V. Arkames : Lead Vocals

V. N. A. : Drums, Percussions

Asphodel : Lead & Backing Vocals

Mr Hyde : Bass

7 years after the release of the now cult album “L’Empire des Sens”, Ad Inferna is back with a surprising new album that transcends musical limits, mixing influences from electronic, industrial and gothic metal. Composed by founding members of De Profundis and the musical mastermind behind Seth, Ad Inferna made a lasting impression back in 2002 with their unanimously praised debut album [Legacy 14/15 Punkte]. Their return sees the band drop a new bomb, namely “Trance :N: Dance”, via Dreamcell11, the gothic / electro / EBM subsidiary of Italy’s Aural Music label. 12 tracks offer an original voyage through the mystical and frightening world of Ad Inferna where sorrow and melody collide with dramatic effect. Lyrics are mostly written in the French language, alternating in clear and black voices, but German and English both feature and help guide you to ecstasy, sensuality, tenderness and intimacy. The continual thread on “Trance :N: Dance” is the desire to dance and move, and that won’t leave you throughout this album – its format won’t fail to appeal to both electronic and metal aficionados in a club setting. You are warned: do not try to label them – Ad Inferna has chosen to break down the barriers of musical genres to offer his own musical, visual and thematic style. Featuring Combichrist , Soman, Reaper and Beborn Beton remixes!

AD INFERNA | “Baldurs Tod” (Falkenbach Cover)
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