The Stompcrash unleash a new video!!

From the album ” D I R E C T I O N S” … “Cat’s Eyes”!


The Stompcrash – Directions – OUT TODAY!

After a few days of distribution adjustment we are proud to announce that from today the new awesome album  from The Stompcrash “Directions” is on  its way to the international distribution network.

Yes, we are finally able to announce the release date for this new wave masterpiece, and it’s today!

The Stompcrash is back with a whole new sound, more fine and conscious.
12 tracks about love, sorrow, regret; about blood on the wheels of history; about how in life “behind each corner new directions lie in wait”.

You can order your copy at Aural Music’s webstore:
or support the band and buy directly from them:

…And very soon in all the best digital outlets.

The Stompcrash sign with DREAMCELL 11!

Italian New Wave band The Stompcrash have signed a deal with Dreamcell11/Aural Music Group for the release their debut album “Directions”.

The Stompcrash was born in Milan in 2002 as a darkwave project inspired by the gothic stories of writers like Lovecraft, Poe, Kafka. Tales about love and death. The first album “Requiem Rosa” was released in 2007 for Nomadism Records as the result of researching melodies and atmospheres to give special emphasis to every story told. The aim of the band was to catch all the energies and emotions felt and put them in songs. “Requiem Rosa” contains some classic like “Dorian”, “The London Fog” and “Like a noise” and achieved great reviews from all the gothic scene all over the world.
After involvements in compilations from Greece, Russia and Germany in 2009 a new song called “The Buried Cat” was released for german magazine “Dark Spy vol. 21” and the same year the band was included in the english goth journalist Mick Mercer’s book titled “Music To Die For”. In 2010 the band start to look for new musical directions writing new songs and began the collaboration with Alkemist Fanatix Management, in 2011 the agreement with DreamCell11 for a new album is signed.

The Stompcrash is back with a whole new sound, more fine and conscious, 12 new tracks in a new album called “Directions”, an album about love, sorrow, regret, about blood on the wheels of history, about how in life “behind each corner new directions lie in wait”.


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