THEATRES DES VAMPIRES embark in European tour and release new DVD

Theatres Des Vampires will release their brand new Official DVD on April the 30th through Aural Music. Filmed during their last Tour in support of the acclaimed album “Moonlight Waltz”, the first limited edition includes a bonus audio cd featuring the whole “Cult Of Lamia EP” with 3 brand new studio songs composed for the upcoming “Cult Of Lamia” Movie starring Sonya Scarlet, all wrapped in a special ltd edition Double Hardcover book box with 40 pages booklet in special paper…
To support the release of “Moonlight Waltz Tour 2011 DVD”, the band will embark in another tour, below the confirmed dates:
  • APR 13 MC Pekarna, Maribor, Slovenia
  • APR 14 Boogaloo, Zagreb, Croatia
  • APR 15 RBF Club, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • APR 17 Kuzgun 312, Ankara, Turkey
  • APR 19 Wings Club, Bucharest, Romania
  • APR 20 Irish Music Pub, Cluj, Romania
  • APR 21 Blue Hell, Budapest, Hungary
  • APR 22 U Ocka, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • APR 24 Zero, Czestochowa, Poland
  • APR 25 Progresja, Warsaw, Poland
  • APR 26 Pod Minoga, Poznan, Poland
  • APR 27 Kulturbastion, Torgau, Germany
  • APR 28 Exit us, Prag, Czech Republic
5 minutes preview of the DVD is available on Youtube HERE
full song preview of the new studio track titled “Apart” HERE
Trailer of the upcoming movie “Cult of Lamia” starring Sonya Scarlet and featuring the Theatres Des Vampires Official Soundtrack HERE
Theatres des vampires official FaceBook

The Stompcrash – Directions – OUT TODAY!

After a few days of distribution adjustment we are proud to announce that from today the new awesome album  from The Stompcrash “Directions” is on  its way to the international distribution network.

Yes, we are finally able to announce the release date for this new wave masterpiece, and it’s today!

The Stompcrash is back with a whole new sound, more fine and conscious.
12 tracks about love, sorrow, regret; about blood on the wheels of history; about how in life “behind each corner new directions lie in wait”.

You can order your copy at Aural Music’s webstore:
or support the band and buy directly from them:

…And very soon in all the best digital outlets.

ANGELLORE sign with DREAMCELL11/Aural Music Group

 French Atmospheric Doom Metal combo Angellore have signed a deal with  Dreamcell11/Aural Music Group for the release of their debut album “Errances”

The album that includes 7 songs of pure emotional and atmospheric doom/gothic metal and was recorded, mixed and mastered in  December 2009. The mixing  part was taken care of by Florent Krist at Studio AV in France and mastering was done by Markus Skroch (Hel, Nattsol, Elane…). Release date is still to be announced.

The band stated: “Angellore really feels honored & proud to be part of Aural Music/DreamCell11 roster. After months of work, our first album Errances (wanderings, in French) is now ready to see the light, and we can’t wait to work with this great label and spread out our music to new horizons. Things are really taking a start now!”

Dreamcell11 A&R WORM stated: “When I listened to this album for the first time I felt the emotions that the real doom metal bands that I loved in past have been able to create…I have always been a doom metal fanatic, and I will never stop supporting the bands that really believe into this elitarian music genre … Like Angellore do. This album will make you dream, fly, cry, smile and you will understand the difference between truly inspired music and the commercially driven releases that are infesting the market nowadays…Support this band, you won’t regret it.”

To preview the first public track taken from “Errances” please visit this link.


Reference links:!/pages/Angellore/114094332008118



The Shiver to support Misfits!

After the successful russian tour with Papa Roach, gothic rock band The Shiver  annouced their support tour with american horror punk legends Misfits! The dates are as follow:


More news coming soon!

Levania sign with DREAMCELL11

Italian Gothic Metal band Levania have signed a deal with Dreamcell11/Aural Music Group for the release their debut album “Parasynthesis”.

The album, that includes 10 very original tracks with a sound never listened before, was recorded and mixed in December 2010 at Zenith Recording Studios in Italy and produced by Frank Andiver. The mastering was taken care of Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios in Finland. The artwork and photos for the album was made by Patrizia Cogliati of Musicphoto Designs.

Levania is enthusiastic to annunce the signing with Dreamcell11 of Aural group. For us it’s the best opportunity to make known to all the world who we are and listen to it how deep is our sound. After some years playing and three demos recorded in studio, under label Dreamcell11, it will be released our first full lenght album entitled “Parasynthesis”.
Parasynthesis is a conceptual synthesis that expresses the essence of the notion of gothic-metal, a sort of definition of the absolute meant as a union of opposites in a complementary dichotomy in love-death that has its roots in the twentieth century and romanticism.
The two opposites that can be seen in the various songs on the album are not static but rather  charged with different tones and details gradually, starting from a lack of erotic boost seen as the beginning of everything (Agharti I), through  a wild and emotional research about what is missing from our completeness (Agharti II, Basteth’s Kiss,Midnight of Silence), through anger (The Narrow Way of Juliette, Carthago Nova), despair (Sibyl of the Dark), beliefs  (Natural Motion) and the acceptance of this absence (Agharti III, Eroica) until you reach a sort of rapture limbo  where the absence is satisfied only in our hearts, where the Seeker takes refuge from the outside world. Parasyntesis just tells us in this long inner journey through a quest that will never end, because that will coincide with the end goal of research, mixed blessing of our ego.

The Stompcrash sign with DREAMCELL 11!

Italian New Wave band The Stompcrash have signed a deal with Dreamcell11/Aural Music Group for the release their debut album “Directions”.

The Stompcrash was born in Milan in 2002 as a darkwave project inspired by the gothic stories of writers like Lovecraft, Poe, Kafka. Tales about love and death. The first album “Requiem Rosa” was released in 2007 for Nomadism Records as the result of researching melodies and atmospheres to give special emphasis to every story told. The aim of the band was to catch all the energies and emotions felt and put them in songs. “Requiem Rosa” contains some classic like “Dorian”, “The London Fog” and “Like a noise” and achieved great reviews from all the gothic scene all over the world.
After involvements in compilations from Greece, Russia and Germany in 2009 a new song called “The Buried Cat” was released for german magazine “Dark Spy vol. 21” and the same year the band was included in the english goth journalist Mick Mercer’s book titled “Music To Die For”. In 2010 the band start to look for new musical directions writing new songs and began the collaboration with Alkemist Fanatix Management, in 2011 the agreement with DreamCell11 for a new album is signed.

The Stompcrash is back with a whole new sound, more fine and conscious, 12 new tracks in a new album called “Directions”, an album about love, sorrow, regret, about blood on the wheels of history, about how in life “behind each corner new directions lie in wait”.


Niobeth call it a day.

Spanish band Niobeth announced the end of the their activity due to personal problems.
Here at Dreamcell11 we would like to wish all the band members all the best for the future.
The hard work done together will remain as a proof of this profitable cooperation both with the European (Dreamcell11) and Japanese (Rubicon Music) versions of the album “Silvery Moonbeams” that is still on sale.

Guitar player Jesus Diez Garcia stated:

More than 6 years ago I started an ambitious project with resolution. All this time, I have lived a lot of moments that have filled me with satisfaction, thanks specially to all of you ho have supported me and have enojyed my creations: it has been really fascinating. These years have allowed me to know a lot of people who are great professionals and it´s really worth working with them. In this time, I have named each of the Níobeth albums, putting my soul on it and filling with passion music and lyrics for them, the artistic design, web design and in the management of lots of aspects related to tours, promotion, the Japanese and European releases and the music itself, among others, taking care of each detail. Most of the days of these 6 years I have dedicated more hours to the band than to any other activity, and it has been really satisfying. Today, the feeling is really painful to have to announce the end of Niobeth.

I won´t go very deep into the details. The inner situation in the band turned unsustainable several months ago. Since late Summer, suddenly, I started to be verbally attacked, insulted and threatened by two of my band partners; for me, it was impossible to recognize in them the persons with who I have shared so many things these years. Dialogue didn´t solve anything. On the contrary: the process turned surlier gradually, getting even to the retention from their side of band´s money destined to cover promotion and recording expenses, among others. Before this deplorable situation, the break up of the band has been the only way out, as well as the canellation of the whole tour. It hasn´t been a friendly break up. The label asked me to continue, as I have the rights to, but, given that this is a project Itea and I started together, if we cannot go on together, it must end. This is a great grief, but also an enormous relief of ending the tension and discomfort that had grown up these months among us.

Personally, I feel deeply fascinated and moved by all the support and love I have received from family, friends, musicians and fans, both from close people and from people and almost don´t know in person. You are wonderful people. Thank you sincerely. Music is a precious dream for me, that allows me to express in an unique and specially intimate way. It is inside me and expressing it, creating, is a need. Being able to share it, a privilege. Is for this reason that I´m going to go on with new projects in which I´m already working in with a lot of hope and will.

Finally, I want to send a huge thanks to all the people that have supported and helped me all this time: to press media and radio stations, to friends, to guest musicians, to institutions, to labels and to the fans and followers that so many times have made me smile with your support and your comments, applause, hugs, e-mails and postcards. We will meet very soon. Meanwhile, don´t stop painting your dreams with silvery moonbeams. Jesús

Niobeth are ready to release “Silvery Moonbeams” in Japan via Rubicon Music

Niobeth have signed a deal with Rubicon Music for the release of their new album “Silvery Moonbeams”.
Release date is still to be announced but bonus track is recorded and it’s a wonderful piano version of the single “Eclipse”. 



Theatres Des Vampires are proud to present the new video of the song “Carmilla” included in the upcoming album “Moonlight Waltz” (available starting January 14th, 2011 on Dreamcell11, the Aural Music sublabel specialized in dark gothic music).

Directed by David Bracci, who previously worked with Dario Argento, the video is also included in a special DVD of the limited edition of the album.

Theatres des Vampires announces a New DVD and an upcoming Latin America Tour

A New DVD is coming!

All the Russian and European Tour was recorded with HD cameras, and Professional Digital Audio equipment. At the moment Fabian Varesi from Theatres des Vampires and Christian Ice from Temple of Noise studio are working together to finalize a new upcoming DVD and live Cd. This new release will be produced by Aural Music/Dreamcell11 in a Deluxe Artbook that will contain both the live DVD and the live CD plus some brand-new unreleased songs and an exclusive roadbook of 50+ pages!

The Live DVD will include the whole concert in Moscow at Plan B club, pro-recorded with multi-angle HD Cameras. As a special bonus, the DVD will contain a long and exclusive backstage documentary of the whole  2011 European Tour. The Audio CD will have the great quality of the latest TdV productions. It’s the FIRST time ever that Theatres des Vampires have released a live DVD recorded by a great staff with high professional equipment, as you will remember, the last DVD live from Theatres des Vampires -“The Addiction Tour 2006″ –  was made using low-fi clips made by fans of the band. This time the result will be terrific, a “must have” for each Theatres des Vampires fan.  The release of this new DVD+CD is scheduled for this winter on Aural Music/Dreamcell11.

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