Purple Nail “Embrace The Dark” and VIL “Requiem For A Prayer” OUT TODAY!


Swedish gothic metallers Purple Nail and spanish death metal assault VIL will release their albums “Embrace the dark” and “Requiem for a prayer” today through the digital market.

These shops and streaming services have annouced their release dates as follows:

iTunes 2014-09-25
MediaNet 2014-09-26
Rhapsody 2014-09-25
eMusic 2014-09-25
24/7 2014-09-25
7 Digital 2014-09-26
Virgin FR 2014-09-26
Telecom Italia S.p.A 2014-09-25
SendMe Mobile 2014-10-19
Dada S.p.A. 2014-10-13
Mix&Burn 2014-09-25
Amazon Digital Services Inc. 2014-09-25
Slacker 2014-09-25
Spotify 2014-10-06
Xbox Music 2014-09-25
Gracenote 2014-09-27
BMAT 2014-10-11
deezer 2014-09-25
Shazam 2014-11-04
Mobizone 2014-09-28
Aspiro 2014-09-25
Vervelife 2014-09-25
Omnifone 2014-09-25
rDio 2014-09-25
MUZ.RU CJSC 2014-09-26
simfy GmbH 2014-09-26
YouTube 2014-09-29
Yandex LLC 2014-09-26
NMusic 2014-09-26
Boinc 2014-09-25
Phononet 2014-09-25
Google Music 2014-09-25
Cricket Communications, Inc. 2014-09-26
Zik (Groupe Archambault) 2014-09-25
JB Hi-Fi 2014-09-26
KKBOX 2014-09-26
Library Ideas / Freegal 2014-09-25
Neurotic Media 2014-09-26
PCM Technologies 2014-10-15
SoundCloud 2014-09-25
YouTube Subscription 2014-09-25
Simfy Africa 2014-09-25
Facebook 2014-09-25
SiriusXM 2014-11-12

 You can preview their tracks at these locations:

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Raw In Sect to release new album “Blue Haze” today!



Greek progressive metal band Raw In Sect just released their new masterpiece “Blue Haze”!

These shops have announced their release dates as follows:

iTunes 2014-10-22
MediaNet 2014-10-23
Rhapsody 2014-10-21
eMusic 2014-10-22
24/7 2014-10-26
7 Digital 2014-10-30
Telecom Italia S.p.A 2014-10-26
Mix&Burn 2014-10-27
Amazon Digital Services Inc. 2014-10-22
Spotify 2014-10-31
Xbox Music 2014-10-21
deezer 2014-10-22
Mobizone 2014-10-30
Aspiro 2014-10-18
Vervelife 2014-10-31
Omnifone 2014-10-22
rDio 2014-10-21
MUZ.RU CJSC 2014-10-24
YouTube 2014-10-17
NMusic 2014-10-21
Boinc 2014-10-21
Phononet 2014-10-27
Google Music 2014-10-23
Cricket Communications, Inc. 2014-10-22
JB Hi-Fi 2014-10-31
KKBOX 2014-10-31
Library Ideas / Freegal 2014-10-23
SoundCloud 2014-10-23
YouTube Subscription 2014-10-22
SiriusXM 2014-11-14

The official video for the track Blue Haze produced by Gina Liberiou can be streamed at this location:


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Ideogram announce digital release date for “Life Mimics Theatre”


Avantgarde metal band Ideogram just announced the release date for their debut masterpiece  “Life Mimics Theatre”.
The album will be out from November the 25th 2014.

These shops have announced their release dates as follows:

iTunes 2014-10-29
MediaNet 2014-10-29
Rhapsody 2014-10-29
eMusic 2014-10-29
24/7 2014-10-29
7 Digital 2014-11-01
Telecom Italia S.p.A 2014-10-29
Mix&Burn 2014-11-03
Amazon Digital Services Inc. 2014-10-29
Spotify 2014-10-30
Xbox Music 2014-10-29
deezer 2014-11-01
Mobizone 2014-11-11
Vervelife 2014-10-31
Omnifone 2014-10-29
rDio 2014-10-29
MUZ.RU CJSC 2014-10-30
YouTube 2014-10-31
Psonar Limited 2014-11-02
Boinc 2014-10-29
Phononet 2014-10-29
Google Music 2014-11-01
Cricket Communications, Inc. 2014-10-29
JB Hi-Fi 2014-11-02
KKBOX 2014-10-30
Library Ideas / Freegal 2014-10-29
SoundCloud 2014-10-29
YouTube Subscription 2014-10-29
Facebook 2014-10-29

Official video for the song “Falling Snow” can be streamed at this location:

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Vortex Of Clutter (TURKEY) to release new album on November the 18th via Wormholedeath


Turkish technical death metal combo Vortex Of Clutter just signed a deal to release their new album “ECLIPSE OF REASON BEYOND TIME” via Wormholedeath.

Formed in 2008, the band released their first EP Everlasting Journey in 2009.
Releasing their first full length album in 2011, Vortex of Clutter performed many live gigs both in Turkey and other countries and received good critical reception and comments from the metal community. The first album was released under Extreminal Productions and Arizali Notalar Records. Source of Sickness was also distrubed in Europe by Victory by Fire Records.
The band released another single Beton Millet Sakarya in collaboration with the band Bandista.
Vortex of Clutter released their last EP The Ghosts of a New Generation in February 2012.
Before starting working on their new album on January 2013, they released another single: Violentia.
The band released their second full length album Eclipse of Reason Beyond Time in December 2014.

Release date for ECLIPSE OF REASON BEYOND TIME is scheduled for November the 18th 2014

Here a list of release dates around the world:

iTunes 2014-10-23
MediaNet 2014-10-26
Rhapsody 2014-10-23
eMusic 2014-10-23
24/7 2014-10-26
7 Digital 2014-11-01
Telecom Italia S.p.A 2014-10-27
Mix&Burn 2014-10-27
Amazon Digital Services Inc. 2014-10-23
Slacker 2014-11-01
Spotify 2014-10-30
Xbox Music 2014-10-23
deezer 2014-10-27
Vervelife 2014-10-31
Omnifone 2014-10-23
rDio 2014-10-23
MUZ.RU CJSC 2014-10-24
YouTube 2014-10-24
NMusic 2014-10-27
Boinc 2014-10-23
Phononet 2014-10-27
Google Music 2014-10-26
Cricket Communications, Inc. 2014-10-24
JB Hi-Fi 2014-10-31
KKBOX 2014-10-30
Library Ideas / Freegal 2014-10-23
SoundCloud 2014-10-23
YouTube Subscription 2014-10-23
Facebook 2014-10-23


Official album tracklist :

1 – Spectre
2 – Rise of the Ghosts
3 – Waltz of the Living Dead
4 – Simple Broken Man
5 – Eclipse
6 – Dying Star
7 – Death’s Smile
8 – Have Fun
9 – Salvation / Solution
10 – Cannibal Holocaust
11- Conquerors of the Sun


Everlasting Journey (EP) 2009
Seyh Bedreddin (Single) 2010
Source of Sickness (Full Length Album) 2011
Beton Millet Sakarya ft. Bandista (Single) 2011
The Ghosts Of A New Generation (EP) 2012

The band stated:

“After releasing our first album in 2011 we have come a long way.
Following several EP’s and single releases we are releasing our second full length album which shows a much more furious side of ours.
Our second album Eclipse of Reason Beyond Time, which we have put so much effort and thought into, will be released by Wormholedeath Records in December 2014.  We are grateful to Wormholedeath Records for helping us spread the metal sound of Istanbul to the world.

Worm stated:

“We are doing well through the Turkish scene and the best bands from the country are all signing with us, this is a matter of facts. I will let the music do the talking here but I just want to affirm that when we got this record for our review we have been blown away by the advanced band’s technique and professional approach they have. The awesome production of the tracks even enhanced the band’s skills to the american levels. This is definately a MUST for all lovers of technical and brutal death metal fans. Don’t lose the chance to check Vortex Of Clutter out…They rule!!!”

Two tracks from their album can be streamed at these locations:

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Will Wallner and Vivien Vain to release “The Battle of Clyst Heath” Today!


Melodic Hard Rock combo Will Wallner and Vivien Vain are set to release their new album “The Battle of Clyst
Heath” Today via Wormholedeath / The Orchard.

Herewith a list of the digital shop already selling the album:

iTunes 2014-10-21
MediaNet 2014-10-14
Rhapsody 2014-10-20
eMusic 2014-10-14
24/7 2014-10-22
7 Digital 2014-10-28
Nokia 2014-10-14
Telecom Italia S.p.A 2014-10-26
Mix&Burn 2014-10-15
Amazon Digital Services Inc. 2014-10-21
Touchtunes 2014-10-24
Spotify 2014-10-31
Xbox Music 2014-10-14
deezer 2014-10-14
Mobizone 2014-10-22
Aspiro 2014-10-15
Vervelife 2014-10-15
Omnifone 2014-10-14
rDio 2014-10-21
MUZ.RU CJSC 2014-10-15
YouTube 2014-10-14
Yandex LLC 2014-10-18
NMusic 2014-10-15
Boinc 2014-10-15
Phononet 2014-10-15
Google Music 2014-10-22
Cricket Communications, Inc. 2014-10-23
Zik (Groupe Archambault) 2014-10-15
JB Hi-Fi 2014-10-29
KKBOX 2014-10-18
Library Ideas / Freegal 2014-10-15
SoundCloud 2014-10-15
YouTube Subscription 2014-10-22
Simfy Africa 2014-11-03
Facebook 2014-10-15

Preview their smashing track “The Wars Of The Roses” at this location:

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Frostbitten Kingdom (FIN) To Release The Winter War Symphony via Wormholedeath On November the 25th



About The Band:

Frostbitten Kingdom was formed in Turku, southwestern Finland, during the summer of 2004 in purpose to create grim mix of melodic black and brutal death metal.  Strongly influenced by acts like Dissection and Immortal, the sound ended up really close to it’s paragons in scandinavian black, as the effect of US-style death metal grew even vaster. Rapid blastbeats, fast guitarwork and growling vocals blended with screams became vital parts of epic songwriting style.

Two years passed by before a solid line-up was found. After a few months of composing, arranging and rehearsing Frostbitten Kingdom entered Noisecamp Studio to record “Through Nightfall Storms and Sunless Dawns” in the very beginning of January 2007.

The next work, “Towards the Battlefields” MCD, was released in April of 2008.
Fresh material was another step towards American death metal as the influences of bands like Deicide and Immolation were more exposed.

In September of the same year, Frostbitten Kingdom recorded their second full-length album.
New album, titled “Obscure Visions of Chaotic Annihilation”, was unleashed at March of 2009.
With new commander behind the war battery, material took a giant step forward on the second album. Around this time Frostbitten Kingdom also toured club venues of the cities of Finland again and again, doing some shows in Sweden as well.

Next to the live shows, the year 2009 was also full of rehearsing for the recordings of the third full-length album. Including only the most crushing brutality that far, “Infidel Angel” was finally born in February of 2010. Recording deal with No Sign of Life was signed a week after that.
By this point, the rawer sound of the early material was long gone and replaced by more professional production and much tighter playing. Following the creation of the “Infidel Angel”, Frostbitten Kingdom played as much shows as possible,including openings for bands like Bal-Sagoth, Solstafir and Venom.


In spring 2011 Frostbitten Kingdom took a break from playing live shows. It was time to focus once again on new material.
The years 2011 and 2012 were filled with writing and rehearsing. New songs were still brutal and freezing, but simultaneously the more exposed influences of classical music and glam metal gave more melodic nuances to the fresh creations. Fourth full-length album “The Winter War Symphony” was finally finished in December 2012.  Following this, the band lost bassist and guitarist.
In spring 2014 the surviving members published the album as a promo and gained some positive attention with it on media.

Shortly after starting to seek a new label, Wormholedeath contacted Frostbitten Kingdom. Without hesitation, the band signed a worldwide deal of digital distribution of “The Winter War Symphony”.

Album will finally be out in 25th of November.

In cooperation with Metal-Temple.com, Wormholedeath and Frostbitten Kingdom have released an exclusive track premiere wich can be streamed at this location:


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