Underwell sign with WORMHOLEDEATH

Italian Post Hardcore combo Underwell have signed a worldwide deal with Wormholedeath/Aural Music Group for the release their debut album “Plan Your Rebirth”

The album that includes 10 songs of pure sonic assault and was recorded and produced by Alessandro Paolucci (Raw Power, The Way Of Purity) mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson (The Agonist, Cryptopsy). The artwork for the album was made by G. Petersoo at Machine Room Design.
Release date will be announced at the beginning of 2012.

We have published “A Shadow Of the Night” taken from the album for preview here:

The whole band stated : “When a band is starting out, it’s never easy to come up into such a competitive scene. The hard part is to stay focused on your aim but, mostly, to understand what the right aim is. Worm has always been like a mentor for us, guiding us in the right direction, even when it wasn’t so clear to us. Nevertheless he taught us how to be objective i regard to ourselves and to our music. Signing with WormHoleDeath is the natural conclusion of a journey that we all made together and will be the beginning of a new exciting experience for all of us.”

 Wormholedeath’s A&R WORM stated: “We have been working so hard with this humble and intelligent band…Their hardcore approach comes from the heritage passed by bands such as Raised Fist, Comeback Kid, Refused both in the sound and attitude…Their incredible concept fascinated us so much together with their music since all creative minds cannot stand aside the world’s collapse and the end of this system. Among them UNDERWELL, used to fighting ever since, write an album which delivers a clear message: the system must fall, be destroyed, so that a better one can be built. Before destruction, though, it is necessary to plan a social and spiritual rebirth able to set mankind free the yokes of these darkest of days. Driven by this vocation, Underwell put themselves at the forefront with “Plan Your Rebirth”, an album about a new society which leaves behind past clichés. Now all that’s left is beating down the walls that close us in and keep us from building our future world.”





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