February 18, 2012

Cori Franks – Introduction to this awesome female guitar player!


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We are always astonished by talents and outstanding people…When we got to know Cori we felt that she has all the qualities to become a groundbreaking artist and musician. Special people deserve attantion and support, that’s our policy, that’s how we work here.

At the moment just enjoy this little introduction to this amazing and charming female guitar player from the United States.
You all will hear a lot from her during the next months, specially with an official cooperation with our company and one of our signed artists.

Cori Franks, 23, has been obsessed with music ever since she can remember. What started as a fascination with the unique riffs of her idol, Dimebag Darrell, turned into a rabid obsession with everything metal, and, by extension, everything guitar. She started taking lessons from Tony Carducci at age 13, until age 17, and has been a driven guitar player/song writer ever since. Involved in several bands, she is currently the lead guitarist for Amber’s Ashes, the unrestrained, up and coming, Hard Rock/Metal band. Her determination and passion for her music, her soul drive in life, has made the road a tough one, and many sacrifices have been made. But as long as creating music is still a vital part of Franks’ life, then on this road she shall continue to travel.

You can give her a shout at her facebook page http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1260487931 and wait for her talent and attitude to become worldwide know.

Admiration is the push that makes music move, always show it.

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