May 23, 2012

Mechanical God Creation announce new members!


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Brutal – tech death metal label’s veterans Mechanical God Creation announced the addition of new guitar player and drummer to the line up.

Bass player “Veom” stated: “We would like to officially announce that Manuel and Davide aren’t part of Mechanical God Creation anymore. We have been working really hard together and we can say that we have created something great with them but MGC really needed a change for the better. In life, like in paths there are many different ways. We “walked” together but after a while our “path” became too hard for them and they didn’t feel ready to follow us and share important choices and decisions. We can understand their decision and if they will get better results and goals we will be happy for them. As for the band, we have to go ahead trying to give and do our best. We already found who will “walk” on this path with us: Salvatore Maffei (Guitar) and Michele Pintus (Drums). These guys are really talented and share with us the will to reach the top of this long way. Soon we will release more news on the album “Artifact of Annhilation” that should be released around september and on more projects as well.”

Video presentations of new members:



New album’s preview:

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