June 8, 2012

Wormholedeath Festival is over!


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Dear friends…We just got back at the office from our first event in London. It is useless to say that we had so much fun and that we enjoyed meeting up our bands (performing and not), the photographers, the journalists, the bands that we are friends with and the people that supported the event. We would like to thank everyone that was in there from the bottom of our hearts.
A huge special thanx goes to our bands that made such a big effort in performing for free to support the label.
We are so proud in having you in our roster and this is just the confirmation of the fact that you will go far.
Right To The Void, Underwell, Book Of Job, Xenosis and Haterial performed 5 amazing shows and we are so proud of them.

Seeing you play live worthed alone 30 hours driving.
For all the others, thank you…You all rule.
See you next year at the Wormholedeath Festival 2.
WHD team.

Please check out the (unprofessional but heartfelt) photos we took here:

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