December 22, 2012

Wish you a great 2013!


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The Wormholedeath and Dreamcell11 staff would like to thank you all for the great support during 2012.
We would love to thank our bands, producers, media, clubs, labels, booking agents, distributors, shops, journalists, managers and everyone that cooperated with us during this great year of hard work here at our labels.
We really hope to work with you all again in 2013 and furthermore we wish you a peaceful Xmas.

We are ready for a new and explosive year as we will fight the economical crisis, corrupted politicians, ignorance and everything is wrong on this world creating great and emotional music with our artists…
That’s all we can do, and that’s the only way we know.

Our community will always stand above and be one step ahead from this bullshit.


WHD & DC11 Management.

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