February 14, 2013

“Inside I” call it a day.


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Sadly, we have to announce that we just received bad news from Norwegian deathcore combo Inside I.
After less than 5 months following to their album release Inside I officially disbanded. In these moments there’s not much to be said, sadness prevails all over our feelings. 

The whole band stated:

For six years we’ve been at it. We have climbed mountains, we’ve swallowed pride and we’ve met resistance that should have made us crumble and give up. It has been a hard journey, and we’re proud to have come as far as we did.
We have met people that has changed our lives in small but important ways, and people who we’d strangle and beat in the blink of an eye, but such is the life of music. But despite all the support and love we’ve met, it has come to this. Inside I is no more.
Because of his waning love for performing music, Rune Olsen has seen the need to focus his time on his personal life and dedicate time to find a new path to walk. We tried to replace him, but as with most bands, it’s just not the same if a founding member leaves. Shortly after his decision, Roberth Strand decided to focus on his education and professional life as well, which left the rest of us no longer capable of performing our music. There are no hard feelings, and we all support the decision to walk new paths in life. We want to thank Wormholedeath for their support, love and dedication to help us surmount unassailable challenges. Also we want to thank YOU, the fans who stood beside us all these years, cheering us on and helping us make the music we loved so much. It is with great sadness that we leave the scene, but such is life. Stefan Ravn, Kenneth and Sebastian has decided to keep on with the musical way of life, so you will hear from them again in the future, but as for Inside I, there will be no more. Thank you for an amazing ride, and thanks for all the love.”

Official statement from Womholedeath’s A&R “WORM” :

We are really sorry that one of our hearts stopped beating. A band is like an heart for us…Gives us blood, oxygen, pain, it runs faster when excited but sometimes it stops working and doesn’t keep you alive anymore…That’s why we need more than one band, otherwise would be dead. We at Wormholedeath would like to wish all the best to the reamining and departing guys, it has been a pleasure working with them. Inside I was a great band and as I said when I signed them they were ugly, pissed off and rotten to the core.”


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