July 4, 2013

WormHoleDeath presents Overdub Recordings.


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During six years of activity WormHoleDeath has been working to be recognized for a precise label concept and identity wich is not based on signing bands that are similar beetwen them but it is much more a trademark of quality for both sound and image of its own bands.

Furthermore WormHoleDeath developed very different products from time to time never ending on the same thing always taking care of signing bands that have been able to cover almost the whole spectrum of tastes in heavy rock .

However there is still something missing that the label management would have been producing or at least include in the WormHoleDeath’s catalogue……

The people working at WHD have always been big fans of indie rock, post rock, shoegaze, math rock, post punk and noise rock, so when this opportunity came through we didn’t let it go.
The opportunity is very easly explained as our esteemed and loyal staff member Marcello Venditti asked us support to start its own label to produce the above mentioned music genres.

To cut a long story short we are honored to introduce you all Overdub Recordings that will be distribuited, marketed and promoted by WormHoleDeath/Aural Music Group.

The first release conceived out of this cooperation it’s the new album from instrumental post rock veterans Chaos Conspiracy titled (none the less) ‘Who The Fuck Is Elvis?’.


Once again we are proud of  our ”no boundaries policy’ and ”no limits attitude”
Essentialy in love and music everything is permitted, isn’t it?
More releases will be announced soon.


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