September 1, 2013

Wormholedeath / Dreamcell11 Release schedule – September / December 2013


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Wormholedeath and Dreamcell11 are proud to announce the official street dates for some of our largely anticipated releases.
Before this year ends we still have some amazing albums coming out both on Cd and Digital Download.

Official release dates are as follow.

On September the second:

Lightless Moor will release “The Poem” (Intense gothic metal)

On September the 19th:

2black will release “Mind Infect (Swiss thrash assault)

Claymords will release “Scum of the earth” (Norwegian black/death combo)

Right To The Void will release “Kindom Of vanity” (French progressive deathcore aggression)

Curse Of The forgotten will release “Building the palace” (Dutch metalcore)

On October the 7th:

Norhod will release “The Blazing Lily” (Symphonic/Epic death metal from Italy)

On November the 12nd:

Agharti will release “Change” (melodic metal from Croatia)

On december the 9th:

Disbeliever will release “Dark Days” via Dreamcell11 (Gothic Rock from Italy)

Nacom will release “Crawling Human Souls”  (Experimental/Tech Death metal from Italy)

Age Of Torment will release “I, Against” in cooperation with Spinal Records (Deathcore from Belgium)

For press and media enquiries please contact:

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