December 12, 2013

Asa-Noir (Finland) sign worldwide deal with Wormholedeath


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Asa_noir band pic

Finnish Dark Metallers Asa-Noir signed a worldwide deal with Wormholedeath for the release of their amazing debut album “Fall Of The Idols”.

The record features 10 tunes of insanely powerful, epic, obscure devastating metal and will be released during 2014 worldwide via Aural Music Group. Release date will be announced during the coming months.

Asa-noir cover
Asa-Noir stated: “Thought’s strange sister comes in many unique forms. However, the true matter under our scrutinizing analysis are the darkened images of human nature, embedded deep within the collective subconsciousness of us all and embroidered with a ravenous hunger for gore and lust. The Aesir may be dead but the yawning Valkyrian Void we are drowning in – Worm Hole Death – is the reality with which we pave our path to self-enlightenment and awakening. Silentvm est aureum pro apostaticos!”

Worm stated: “Asa-Noir deliver dark, claustrophobic and insanely emotional metal and this album is aboslutely a must for all lovers of epic and devastating music. I decided to sign the band since Asa-Noir perfectly represent the modern era in music and they have been able to narrate the drifting and contemporary state of things we are living with this huge work. Rage, Decadence, Obscurity and Violent Reaction are the feelings that this band is able to express with their music and I truly admire them for these incredible vibes that they are able to communicate. Check this out, they will devastate you all in pieces, this is the final fall and Asa-Noir made the soundtrack of it … Yes, it’s like a knife penetrating you without mercy with the only purpouse of setting you free.”

asa-noir logo

Preview 2 songs form “Fall OF The Idol”



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