February 2, 2014

The Way Of Purity to enter studio on February the 10th


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The Way Of Purity collective is ready to enter Mathlab Recording Studio to begin recording their third album “The Majesty Of Your Becoming” with producer Jonathan Mazzeo.

The tackilist is being announced here exclusively:

The Clouds Behind Your Eyes
Disfigured By Karma
The Majesty Of Your Becoming
From The Nest To The Grave
Dare To Be Yourself
The Roots Of Evil
Escape The Nest (Editors Cover)
Tide (Ilid Cover)

Straight after the album’s tracking the band will start mixing the songs with canadian sound-monster Christian Donaldson.

The Way Of Purity

Without Name recently stated: “We are still working on the songs and we will continue working ’till the last moment available. The songwriting process for this record has been like neverending and our nerves are on the edge at this point but we wouldn’t give up. We are actually ready to give our best and deliver the insanely epic release that TWOP collective has been dreaming. Expect something absolutely shocking.”

In a further press release TWOP will announce the new line up through new visuals, reveal album cover and will possibly unleash some studio diary footages / pictures.

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