March 1, 2014

Seal Of Solomon (Turkey) sign to Wormholedeath!


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Turkish devastating combo Seal Of Solomon signed a deal to release their new album “I The King” worldwide via Wormholedeath.
The album wich features 10 tracks of the best blackned death metal around will be released on March the 10th 2014 via The Orchard worldwide.

Worm stated: “When I got Seal Of Solomon’s album I suddenly made a trip back to my roots in music since the genre they play was the kind of metal I approached first…Bands like Vital Remains, Immolation and Dark Funeral made me wish to become part of the underground music scene … There’s more… Seal Of Solomon with “I the King” have been able to mix this kind of underground attitude and songwriting with the modern sound imprint of bands like Behemoth, Belfegor and Nile making this album a true masterpiece of dark, melodic and brutal emotions. With this clean, modern and tight production the band really impressed us here at the office! I am, none the less, proud to announce the signing of the first Turkish band since this is another proof of how Wormholedeath is growing day by day with cooperations with bands from countries wich are still unexplored by our label. Herewith I would like to thank the guys for their trust and I am sure that they are proud too of this deal that they deserved and got through their hard work. Check this band out, they will blow you all away!”

For this great event the band has prepared an album teaser wich can be streamed here:


Album’s¬†tracklist is as follows:

- Retribution
- I The King V2
- Vengeful Oration
- The Lesser Key
- Providence
- Time of the Arallu
- Ars Almadel
- A Leader’s Indignation
- Invocation
- Story of a Prophet

I The King

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