April 16, 2014

Ambient / Jazz one man band Shadowdream to release 10 YEARS ANNIVERSARY ALBUM “UM” via Wormholedeath!


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We are proud to announce that Serbian Dark Ambient / Jazz – one man band – Shadowdream will release its 10 YEARS ANNIVERSARY ALBUM “UM” via Wormholedeath!

Sixth full lenght album titled UM, which marks 10 years of musical work, will be released and promoted / distributed worldwide via our label from May the 13th.

This album presents a “sonick psychosis”, a unique voyage into the depths of a tortured mind – the mind of a schizophrenic.
Therefore, the music on this album can be described as “Psychotic Jazz”.

Rastko Perišić awakened his musical project and called it SHADOWDREAM, referring to the forgotten realms which are born under the darkest shadows. He started this project with great desire to emphasize dark side of Ambient Music Art, discretely composed with black metal tones. Since the very beginning of his Saga, he was learning about spheres of Dr Anton Laveys philosophy and feelings which this philosophy created, along with emotional state of melancholy, made the first step in the depths of Musicl Art…


The tracklist of UM is as follows:
Theological Agnosia, Intermetamorphosis – The Abandoned Inhuman , First Episode – Hysteria, Bedlam – Take My Life , Pavor nocturnus – Death to Me , Second Episode – Schizophrenia , Ghost sickness –End of Life , The Cotard delusion

You can stream few massive tracks here:


Album teaser can be found at this location:


Worm stated:

When I got in touch with Rastko I made some researchs on him. His music sounded unique to me and I really wanted to work with this very strange/obscure project but I also wanted to know more about him. I found out that he has a Master degree at the Stockholm University, Sweden at the Department of Cinema Studies and studies at Musical High School with major in violin and Music Theory, and piano and flute as secondary instruments. He is very passioned towards astronomy and frequently is doing observations trough his telescope and researches in fields of this science. Also, he is evolved in researching of Maya Civilization and he wrote several essays in Sebian language on subject of this civilization. RASTKO is also the owner of FILM PRODUCTION company: SUNSETTLERS CINEMA. I decided to sign Shadowdream also because its long career as a project, its amazing music but also because I believe that this guys is a true artist that can jump from music to cinema with outstanding results so easily. I am so proud of this deal, please support us with this experiment, this one, it’s going to be massive!”

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