April 20, 2014

Kal-El (Norway) to release debut album “Pakal” worldwide via Wormholedeath.


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We are extremely proud to announce that norwegian stonerrock band Kal-El just signed a worldwide deal for the release of their masterpiece album “Pakal” with our label.

The band entered Valhalla Studio in 2013 with a clear idea of how to sound and how to arrange the songs so the job was done within a few weeks. No preprod, no fancy mumbojumbo, just plain passion and rock n roll and “Pakal” was born.  

With some help from the band’s friend Mr. Voetmann they even manage to capture their sound and vision on the coverart.


Release date is scheduled for: the 26th of May 2014

You can stream a full preview track taken from the album at this location:


The Band stated:

“Kal-El is extremely proud to announce that we are now a part of the Wormholedeath family! The label has the same vision and passion as the band and therefore we feel very at home at Wormholedeath. Kal-El is looking forward to a long and rewarding relationship with Wormholedeath. May the rock be with you”

Worm stated:

“I am so proud to announce the release of such a great album and to be honest we have been looking for something like this for ages. During 7 years of label’s A&R activity I haven’t been able to find a rock ‘n’ roll album with stoner sound-imprint that could really and fully persuade me but, finally I found my way with Kal-El. This is a solid record with real sound identity, strong songs and the band is formed by true musicians that work hard to stand out. Again , the whole label team is so proud, so please support our choice by supporting this band!”

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