April 1, 2014

Overdub Recordings Announces New Worldwide Distribution Deal!


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Overdub Recordings is proud to announce that the label just signed an exclusive worldwide distribution deal with  Code  7 (www.code7music.com).

The first batch of albums, which will be  available and distributed through the international market from April 14th, includes:
Fankaz “Burning Leaves Of Empty Fawns”,
La Dodicesima Notte “Il  Venerdì dei Mostri” ,
Bioscrape “Exp. 01″ ,
Chaos Conspiracy “Who  the Fuck is Elvis??”. 

The records already obtained relevant feedback through the Italian and international press.
The releases will be finally available worldwide through Code 7  via Plastic Head  (http://www.plastichead.com ).
For further  informations, please  visit www.overdubrec.comwww.wormholedeath.com

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