May 25, 2014

Norwegian stoner rock band Kal-El to release album “Pakal” today!


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Kal-El ‘s “Pakal” will be released today through worldwide’s digital market via The Orchard.

The tracklist is as follows:

Falling Stone
Upper Hand
Solar Windsurf
Fire Machine
Black Hole


The following shops have announced their release dates:

iTunes 2014-04-16 
MediaNet 2014-04-19 
Rhapsody 2014-04-15 
eMusic 2014-04-15 
24/7 2014-05-22 
7 Digital 2014-04-16 
Nokia 2014-04-24 
Telecom Italia S.p.A 2014-04-16 
Mix&Burn 2014-04-15 
Amazon Digital Services Inc. 2014-04-19 
Spotify 2014-04-16 
Xbox Music 2014-04-15 
Gracenote 2014-04-16 
BMAT 2014-04-15 
deezer 2014-04-16 
Mobizone 2014-04-22 
Aspiro 2014-04-15 
Omnifone 2014-05-06 
rDio 2014-04-16 
Audible Magic 2014-05-10 
simfy GmbH 2014-04-16 
YouTube 2014-05-04 
Yandex LLC 2014-04-15 
Internet Bookshop Italia Srl 2014-05-07 
Boinc 2014-04-16 
Google Music 2014-04-16 
Cricket Communications, Inc. 2014-04-16 
Bloom.FM (Digital Distributution Networks) 2014-04-15 
BounDEE (Space Shower) 2014-04-19 
Zik (Groupe Archambault) 2014-05-14 
JB Hi-Fi 2014-04-16 
SoundCloud 2014-04-15 
Tuned Global 2014-05-06


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