June 13, 2014

Anja Irullo inks endorsement deal with BURLESKA.


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Photo by Mimmo Basile

Anja Irullo, singer of Elegy Of Madness is proud to announce the signing of an endorsement deal with BURLESKA, uk based, clothing company.

Burleska has been a corsets and alternative fashion manufacturer since 2006. We are predominantly a wholesale company supplying retailers with our brand line, but we have an online shop at www.burleska.co.uk too. Customers and wholesale clients can access our catalogue, log in and order corsets and other clothing items online, or shop in our boutique located in Camden Stables Market in London, UK.

Burleska’s aim is to provide customers with high quality corsets and alternative wear for affordable prices. All the corsets, skirts, corset dresses, jackets and other products are manufactured in our factory in Nepal by qualified tailors. All design-work is done in London. Our styles range from elegant, classic, (neo) Victorian, burlesque and gothic to now very popular steampunk, rock and bridal.

All Burleska corsets and clothes can be worn with more ordinary and less alternative pieces. It is up to the wearer to combine and thus create variety and novelty using our line.

It has only been seven years since the start of our wholesale business, yet we have been in corsetry and alternative fashion retail for over 20 years. This experience has taught us a lot about the customers’ needs and expectations. With the arrival of social networks we are now able to communicate with our customers via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin and WordPress.  Their feedback is important for us as we strive to improve and grow.

Providing retailers with our garments took us all around the world. We supply over 200 boutiques which are located in more than 50 countries: United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Canary Islands, South Africa, Japan, Australia, Canada and USA, just to mention a few. If you wish to find your nearest shop stocking Burleska corsets and other goods, please let us know your location.

Current trends and customers’ demands are leading us from Europe to Asia. We are looking into catering more stores in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Quatar, United Arab Emirates and Middle East. Corsets are body-shaping garments that give their wearer lovely feminine look. The waist is pushed in and an hourglass figure is created. Due to the increasing popularity Burleska has started making more new corset styles in sizes reaching up to 40 inches (around the waist area of a laced corset). We are also expanding the smaller sizes with some corsets now available in 20 inches. Our sizing development doesn’t end with corsets and dresses.



Access Self Storage
249 – 251 Merton Road
London SW18 5EB
United Kingdom

 Anja will wear BURLESKA’s clothes during exit festival’s performance. 

Don’t lose the chance to stream Elegy Of madness’ brand new video “Brave Dreams” at this location:



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