June 29, 2014

The Unhallowed “Chaingenesis”


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The Unhallowed

Wormholedeath is proud to finally announce the release date for Russian modern metal the Unhallowed! Their second album titled “Chaingenesis” will be released world-wide through the digital market with the following release dates:

Rhapsody 2014-06-19 , eMusic 2014-06-21, 24/7 2014-06-21, 7 Digital 2014-06-20, Telecom Italia S.p.A 2014-06-20, SendMe Mobile 2014-06-24, Mix&Burn 2014-06-21, Spotify 2014-06-21, Xbox Music 2014-06-19,  Myspace 2014-06-20, Aspiro 2014-06-19, Vervelife 2014-06-23, Omnifone 2014-06-21, rDio 2014-06-20,   MUZ.RU CJSC 2014-06-22, simfy GmbH 2014-06-20, YouTube 2014-06-20, Inform-mobil 2014-06-21,  Yandex LLC 2014-06-22, Internet Bookshop Italia Srl 2014-06-20, NMusic 2014-06-20,Psonar Limited 2014-06-28, Boinc 2014-06-20, Phononet 2014-06-21, Google Music 2014-06-19, Cricket Communications, Inc. 2014-06-19, Zik (Groupe Archambault) 2014-06-20, Library Ideas / Freegal 2014-06-20, PCM Technologies 2014-06-21, SoundCloud 2014-06-20, Tuned Global 2014-06-23, YouTube Subscription 2014-06-26

Cds are being pressed now, so stay tuned for physical release as well!

The Unhallowed cover

The Tracklist is as follows:
Ropes, Squashboxborder, Crumpled, Martial Prophet , Pilleus, Top of the World, Crystal Bond, When the Sands Talk, Venus Calling, Spiral Sea.

The Whole band stated: “For all those who care. Our new full-length “Chaingenesis” unfolding 10 parts of Da Sein is about to be released under the wings of WormHoleDeath, an Italian record label. As making deal with WormHoleDeath is a great evolutional step for all of us that’s rather significant event for The Unhallowed conclave. We really appreciate the decision of a well-known label to sign a deal with us and are glad to become a part of WHD family.”

The UnhallowedX

WORMHOLEDEATH label manager and A&R Worm stated: “The Unhallowed is an assembly of ambitious and well-reasoned people that have much to say to a reflective world. Since Danien T.G. Was is involved in the band I was so curious to listen to the album because I am such a huge fan of his musical ideas and attitude. When I listened to “Chaingenesis” with Damien’s contribution and Polina’s vocals I went crazy and I asked them to sign to Wormholedeath. This band is simply amazing! Check them out!!!”

Line Up:

Polina Larsen – vocals
Paul G. Wicker- vocals
Max War-M – guitars
Damien T.G. – guitars, drums
Anthony Crimson – bass
Michael B. Raw – guitars



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