July 25, 2014

Laurent De Wolf sign endorsement deal with Velvet Cymbals


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Laurent stated: “it’s with great pleasure that I can tell you i’m officially endorsed by VELVET Cymbals! I’d like to say thank you to Victor Perret for his kindness and for the awesome work he’s doing.”

Established in 2007 by Victor PERRET, VELVET CYMBALS is the first french company to produce her cymbals in Istanbul. Top of the range cymbal in the pure turkish tradition, with an elegant design and intrusive sounds, VELVET CYMBALS quickly knew how to affix its signature and stand out as reference with the musicians.

Since the 17th century, the mater cymbal smiths bequeath a meticulous know-how which gives to each hand-made cymbal her acoustic particularitiies and her own esthetics. This magic of a new viibration coupled with a perfect finish, VELVET
CYMBALS made its passion to satisfy every drummers.

At VELVET CYMBALS, besides the attention carried to the manufacturing requirements and to the traditionnal techniques, we embrace modernity, explore sounds, answer to the aspirations and the expectations of drummers in quest, as us,
of new harmonious sensations.

B20 alloy with a secret alchemy, moulding, hammering, chiseling, VELVET CYMBALS totally respect this essential composition and gives to this learned partition its imaginatuon, its creativity, its taste of the echo, of the excellence, its love of the music
and the artists.


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