September 10, 2014

Ashes to Ashes are back in studio!


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Italian Alternative Rock band Ashes To Ashes are finally back in studio to record their second album with producer Jonathan Mazzeo.
The sophomore release is being produced at Mathlab Recording Studios in Montale (Italy) and will feature 10 brand new songs written by the band during the last year.

The recordings, final stage of a long songwriting and pre-production process, started on monday the 8th and will take place for the whole month of september. Wormholedeath is producing the album together with the band and Mathlab Recording Studio to support a bigger project wich includes already the possibility of releasing the record on a larger scale with a bigger label/distribution.

The final goal is to reach a new level for both sound and arrangements since these new tracks are way more emotional and strong than Ata’s previous materials, thanx to a more focused and inspired concept and idea behind the band’s music.

ata new pic                                  Picture courtesy of Elle Photography – Genova – Italy 

More news will be released soon.

Album title, tracklist or artwork are still not going to be disclosed yet.
You can follow the album recordings by checking Mathlab’s facebook page wich will be updated with an accurate news flow.

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