September 4, 2014

Ideogram reveal cover artwork, tracklist and release “Falling Snow” in free download


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Avantgarde metal band Ideogram just unveiled the cover artwork for their upcoming debut album “Life Mimics
Theatre” that will be released worldwide by Wormholedeath/Aural Music/Wormholedeath Japan during this

Furthermore the band revealed the final tracklist for the album wich goes as follows:

Life Is Pregnant Of Death
The Art Of Bleeding
Evil (In Her Hands)
Falling Snow
Trembling Hands
Geisha For My Demons
Invisible Again
Rain Of Stars
I Am Candle
In A Cobalt Ocean
Death Is Pregnant Of Life

Plus 2 bonus tracks wich include acoustic versions of “Invisible Again” and “Falling Snow”.

Life Mimics Theatre

To celebrate this event Ideogram have posted online a free donwload for their first track “Falling Snow” wich is available through their official website: 

Just go to the site, fill up the small form and download the full song for free!

Their official video is still hot and streamable via youtube at this location:

Release dates and much more will be announced shortly.
Stay tuned for tons of news!

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