September 3, 2014

Jamie-Lee Smit To Announce Solo Album


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jamie sea
Jamie-Lee Smit
is a young and talented belgian singer and model. 

She has been widely known with her metal band Azylya, wich released a critically acclaimed album and performed at big festivals like Metal Female Voices Festival, PPM Festival, Damen Of Darkness Festival and many more.

Following to her extensive live activity with Azylya, Jamie-Lee Smit signed a deal with Wormholedeath / Titans Lab for the production of her solo album titled “Mon Amour Monique” wich has been written, composed and produced by Riccardo Daga.

The record will be released worldwide in cooperation with a very strong label that will be announced soon.

The tracklist is as follow:

Club 27
Bye Bye You
66 Road
L’amour De Freddy
Comme Un Soldat
Sur La Piste Des Elephants
Histoire De Serpent
Waiting For My Ghost

“Mon Amour Monique” is developed through an emotional mix of Indie Rock and New Wave deeply rooted in dreamy landscapes and narrating an heartfelt concept massively enanced by dramatic french lyrics . 

Jamie Signing

The record is performed by Jamie Lee in her mother tongue (French).

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