September 22, 2014

Norwegian gloomy rock combo Beyond The Morninglight to release brand new EP via Wormholedeath


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Stavanger’s gloomy rock combo Beyond The Morninglight signed a deal with Wormholedeath to release their ‘Dreaming Stoned’ EP via digital download and cd.

Beyond The Morninglight was founded in 2006 by Runar Beyond with Andy Amin and released a Demo Collection in 2009, the full lenght Album ‘Liberation’ in 2012 and ‘Lifelines’ EP in 2013.

The new Ep will feature the following new tracks:

1. You Twisted Angel
2. Dreaming Stoned
3. Divine Infinity
4. A Moment In Time

and will mark a big step ahead for BTM thanx to a truly heartfelt and emotional songwriting and production.
Release date is confirmed already for October the 14th 2014.


BTM also released the EP cover and the details are as follows:

‘Dreaming Stoned’ EP (2014)
All music and lyrics by Runar Beyond.
Band logo by Peter von Plaag
Artist photo by Eyla
Recorded at Frog Leap Studios
Produced, mixed and mastered by Leo Moracchioli
Guest musicians : Eric Sartana, Leo Moracchioli and Andy Amin


Worm stated: “It’s not a secret that I am a big fan of Norwegian’s attitude and approach but when I heard about Beyond The Morninglight for the first time I suddenly and truly fell in love with their music. This band is dark, gloomy and charming … I can say for sure that these guys are true and what they write is abolutely, just like blood, pumped directly from their hearts. BTM’s music truly matches my personal taste and sensibility since their approach develops an urgency that I can’t usually find in young bands. BTM do not care about everything’s around the music business or do not approach music with the modern vision using fake drums, plastic guitars or articulated production…They remind me much more of bands with massive doses of heroin through their veins, and let me be honest here … These are the bands I’ve been listening to since I was a kid. The truth is that Runar’s singing sounds like a prayer performed by someone which arrived at the end of his days and this is just awesome. I am absolutely proud of having signed this band and I’m pretty sure that the future will bring us a lot of rewards. I can already see a full length release at the horizon for them. Support BTM , they absolutely deserve your attention!”

As introduction for their music check out their amazing videoclip for the song “Looking Back”.


Reference link for BTM

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