October 6, 2014

Purple Nail (Sweden) sign with Wormholedeath


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Swedish post-gothic combo Purple Nail just announced their worldwide deal with Wormholedeath.
The band is now ready to release their debut masterpiece “Embrace The Dark” worldwide.


The record, produced by Jonathan Mazzeo, is scheduled to be released through the digital market via The Orchard on November the 18th.

To celebrate this event the band have unleashed a full preview for the song “Sister Of Faith” which can be streamed at this location.


The tracklist and cover have been unveiled here:


I. Drown With Me
II. Fragments
III. Bound Together
IV. Through Thistles And Thorns
V. Sister Of Faith
VI. Life Illusion
VII. Embrace The Dark
VIII. Precious Pearls
IX. My Bride In Silence
X. Between White Sheets
XI. One Moment Pure

The band Stated:

“The balance between the cross and the hammer.
The royalty of the nail, compared to no other.
That which is above is like that which is below, and none is the less.
Our yearnings reach for what lies beyond the beauty of darkness,as the blood of the morning foams smoothly by the towering edges of night. The brightest flame in our hearts follows the scent of the rose with passion. Melancholic odes blooming under an old oak. The soaring pain of thoughts as we gaze into the shoreless seas of doubt. Through love we’ll reach perfection, from raven night to emanation. As above, so below.”

Worm stated: “I truly admire these guys. They are dead serious about their music and their attitude is absolutely huge…Not one word out of place, just hard work and pure commitment from a great band. Furthermore, I can’t really find the limit between religion and affront, good and evil in their concept and this is something that I really like. I still didn’t figure out if they are a religious band, and how to define their religion if they have one since they are way too cryptic to be easily understood by the masses, concept wise. Their music, instead, is very emotional and catchy…That’s why I like them, they are complete…they are a real project, we are so proud to have them in our roster that we will never let them go.”


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