November 26, 2014

Agharti To Announce First Leg Of European Tour


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agharti euro tour
We are proud to announce that croatian modern rock band Agharti will start its first European tour on December the 13rd. 
During December you will be able to see them performing live in Austria, Belgium, France and their home country Croatia.

13/12/2014  – TBA (Croatia)
18/12/2014 – Fania Live – Wien (Austria)
19/12/2014 – B52 – Eenegem (Belgium)
20/12/2014 – Rock Classic – Bruxelles (Belgium)
21/12/2014 – No man’s Land – Volmerange Les Mines (France)
23/12/2014 – Mala Scena – Karlovac (Croatia)

Don’t lose the chance to catch them live!


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