November 7, 2014

Will Wallner & Vivien Vain “The Battle of Clyst Heath” out via Wormholedeath on November 11th


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Will Wallner & Vivien Vain will release their new album ‘The Battle of Clyst Heath’ via Wormholedeath Records on November 11th.
The album features a special tribute to guitarist Gary Moore with guest musicians Don Airey, Neil Murray and Vinny Appice.

‘The Battle Of Clyst Heath’ draws heavily from British hard rock influences such as Rainbow, Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple. Guitarist Will Wallner and vocalist Vivien Vain handle all the guitars and vocals respectively ¬†with former White Wizzard drummer Giovanni Durst and current DIO Disciples bassist Bjorn Englen providing the rhythm section to the majority of the songs.


The album opens with a unique guitar rendition of the theme track to cult science fiction film ‘Blade Runner’ originally by Greek composer Vangelis. The songs which follow are inspired by events in British history during ‘The Wars of the Roses’.


The album closes with a special tribute to guitarist Gary Moore featuring Gary’s former band mates Don Airey and Neil Murray alongside drummer Vinny Appice. Their cover of ‘The Loner’ draws heavily from live bootlegs and is a more traditional blues rendition of the original Gary Moore version.

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