December 2, 2014

Wormholedeath – Official Release Schedule 2014/2015 (Japan/Eu/Digital)


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December the 2nd 2014

2Black “Evil Spirit” Digital Single (The Orchard/Youtube)

December the 10th 2014

Underwell “The Chant Of Husks” CD (Aural Music)
Zephyra “Mental Absolution” CD (Aural Music)
Curse Of the Forgotten “Building The Palace” CD (Wormholedeath Japan)

December the 22nd 2014

Havenless “The Crimson Lines” Digital (The Orchard)
Ashes of Moon “The Darkness Where The Past Lay Sleeping” Digital (The Orchard)

December the 24th 2014

Right To The Void “Kingdom Of Vanity” CD (Wormholedeath Japan)
Raging Age “Regions Of Sorrow” CD (Wormholedeath Japan)

January the 7th 2015

Age Of Torment “I Against” CD (Wormholedeath Japan)
Claymords “Scum Of The Earth” CD (Wormholedeath Japan)

January the 10th 2015

From Earth “Dark Waves” CD (Aural Music)
VIL “Requiem For A Prayer” CD (Aural Music)

January the 28th 2015

Dunkelnacht “Revelatio” CD (Wormholedeath Japan)
Nacom “Crawling Human Souls” CD (Wormholedeath Japan)

February the 11th 2015

Libria “Immortal Daughter Of Aesthetics” CD (Wormholedeath Japan)
Six Days Of May “Lymph” CD (Wormholedeath Japan)

February the 15th 2015

Ideogram “Life Mimics Theatre” CD (Aural Music)
Purple Nail “Embrace the Dark” CD (Aural Music)

February the 25th 2015

Inflikted “Inflikted” CD (Wormholedeath Japan)

March the 11th 2015

Purple Nail “Embrace the Dark” CD (wormholedeath Japan)
Ideogram “Life Mimics Theatre” CD (wormholedeath Japan)

March the 18th 2015

Right To The Void “Light Of The Fallen Gods” CD (wormholedeath Japan)
Zephyra “Mental Absolution” CD (wormholedeath Japan)

March the 25th 2015

Passion For Sorrow “Rotting Immortality” CD (wormholedeath Japan)
No Dawn “Dark Aura” CD (wormholedeath Japan)
Will Wallner & Vivien Vain “The Battle of Clyst Heath” CD (wormholedeath Japan)

To be announced:

Havenless “The Crimson Lines”  CD (Eu-Japan)
Ashes of Moon “The Darkness Where The Past Lay Sleeping” CD (Eu-Japan)

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