January 6, 2015

Ideogram to announce official release party in Milano


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On Saturday the 31st January Ideogram will present their album ” Life Mimics Theatre” live in Milano at Cerbero Club.

Facebook event:




About the band:

The Ideogram Project – Avantgarde Metal And Theatre
The Ideogram Project was created at the end of 2012. Its objective was to bring together an experimental and innovative musical proposition with a strong conceptual visual art, uniting the best elements of the North Italian underground scene under a new unique, ambitious creature. At the beginning of 2013 the band released “Raise the Curtain’ Demo and “Theatre of the Absurd” Video clip. These are the two things that paved the way for the first Italian tour, fantastic reviews and ultimately the signing of a record deal with Wormhole Death Records at the end of the same year. This deal led to the realisation of the first full length “Life Mimics Theatre” that showed a more modern and electronic sound than the previous work.
The two main themes of the project are.
1) Theatre, the metaphor for human existence. This is reflected in the names of the band members
2) The human mind, with its multitude of masks, sides and nuances.
In this way the band members represent the totality of life and of human beings in the same way an ideogram represents the sum of all its parts, individually they are almost formless and without significance but together they bring meaning and a higher symbolic value.


What Happens When the Masks Fall?
What would happen if the hidden sides of our being were to confront the masks that we had been wearing for years?
The Human Being is one and one hundred, contradictory and multilayered and the Ideogram Project uses three voices to represent this complexity we all have within.
One voice is official, sweet innocent. The others are darker, coming from the blackest abyss of the soul, spitting violence and hatred. But are they what they seem, appearances are deceptive. That dark voice could be your best friend warning you of the sweetness of the sweet voice. Everything here is allegoric and ambiguous, themes are introspective and the search for the essence of the human being and the dark secrets that lurk within on a one way trip where music leads without limits or boundaries. The music flows freely and is unstoppable, stirring the innards of the listener.


The Ideogram
The Ideogram is a symbol of the union of many signs, apparently without meaning. The union of which gives life and significance to something of a high conceptual value.
If you remove one of the signs, even the most smallest, from the totality then the meaning changes radically, beyond recognition.
The same is for human beings, every one is a complexity of souls and personalities that are more or less conscious. Some of them are so dark that our minds can not accept them and hide them under heavy masks never to be revealed.
Our ideogram is a representation of the human being as characterised in the Chinese ideogrammatic system of writing. We want to find our true nature and to set it free no matter how dark or shocking it could be.





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