February 23, 2015

Dienamic – Release Dates Announced!


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Norwegian monsters Dienamic have just announced the release dates for their new masterpiece “Afterlife”.
It is now confirmed that the album will be released on March the 10th 2015 through the global digital market (The Orchard) and via Cd on April the 16th 2015 (Europe – Aural Music Group).

A brand new music video is ready for the track “Revolution For Nothing” and can be streamed at following location:


The band is ready to tour Japan with the following dates:

Thursday 3rd September 2015 – Flying Son Sendai
Friday 4rd September 2015 – Tight Rope Nagoya
Saturday 5th September 2015 – Wild Side Tokyo
Sunday 6th September 2015 – Wild Side Tokyo

and Europe with the following dates:

10.3 Strausz Ti TI TA – Pécs – Hungary
11.3.Gustav Pekarna – Maribor – Slovenia
13.3.Apollo 13-Prostojev – Czech Republic
14.4.Hell Over Esslingen – Germany
15.3.Exit us vhmelnice – Prague – Czech Republic
16.3. Od Zmierzchu Do Switu – Wroclaw – Poland
17.3.Leszowka R.N.R. Caffe – Chorzow – Poland
18.3.Kawiarna Naukowa – Krakow-Poland
19.3.Route 66 – Budapest – Hungary
20.3.Gjuro 2 – Zagreb – Croatia
21.3.Kazaliste Lutaka – Zadar – Croatia
22.3.Blackout – Sibenik – Croatia
25.3.Cafe Art – Hađići – Bosnia
26.3.Bbcc – Lukava – Bosnia
27.3.Dkc Incel – Banja Luka – Bosnia
28.3.Mk Rolling Fish – Kotoriba – Croatia




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