December 1, 2015

Stielas Storhett “Drownwards” Out Today!


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Wormholedeath is immensely proud to announce that russian Post Black Metal one man band Stielas Storhett will release his third album “Drownwards” via Wormholedeath TODAY.



To celebrate this great event we have prepared a full preview which can be streamed via Souncloud.

Stielas Storhett Stated: “2009… the birth, 2013… the recording, 2015… the release of the new album of STIELAS STORHETT – DROWNWARDS. As a rule it takes from few months to years ’till the recordings turn out to be a release. That’s why right after every album’s release I have dramatically new stuff to record. Who needs alike albums? I do not. I did my best and I tried hard to make DRAWNWARDS more rough and bellicose compared to my previous works. During the recordings I was feeling exactly the same and tried to spread all that energy and emotions which break out of my chest with my music. I’m sharing it with you! I appreciate my friends’ participation, they, vocalists from different bands, have left some parts of their souls in a few tracks of DROWNWARDS. Lovely tragic vocal tunes have added obscurant atmosphere to the songs. I vouch that the nowadays form would not hide the familiar subject-matter of the new Opus. Ab ovo usque ad mala STIELAS STORHETT IS DAMIEN T.G., DAMIEN T.G.IS STIELAS STORHETT.”

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