September 1, 2016

Yasru (Turkey) Sign With Wormholedeath


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We are proud to announce that Yasru (Turkish folk metal) signed a distribution deal with Wormholedeath Records to release their new album “Börübay”. Release dates TBA soon.

About Yasru:

Founded in 2007 by Berk Öner under the name “Sidre” as a one man band project. With the change of interests, subjects and melodies so did the name to “Yasru” in 2009, which means ‘mystery, secret’ in old Turkic(Gokturk) language. Yasru, is inspired by ancient Turkic culture and folklore, takes the life, beliefs, writings and epic stories of the people at that time. Songs are intensively lyrical and epic. In 2012 Yasru released its first promo album “Öd Tengri Yasar” through web to its listeners. With the success of promo album Berk decided to add other members to the band for concert requests. From that time on one man band became an officially known band. With the new members Berk decided to revise the promo album with more high grade recordings and with a new song, then relaesed this album for sale through official music channels like iTunes and cdbaby. Up to now the band reached to its fans through YouTube and Facebook. In late 2015 Yasru started to work on new album called “Börübay'; at the same time they have covered and released a song called “Nazar Eyle” to the bands listeners as a new year gift, writen and composed by Baris Manço who is well-known and loved, both in Turkey and globally. With that they have also commemorate Baris Manço who inspired the band greatly.

– Öd Tengri Yasar (2012)
– Öz (2014)

Berk Öner
Was a member, also one of the founder of first doom metal bands at that time in Turkey, Ankara, called Seraphim in 1995. With the same band, they have recorded and released a 4 song demo named “Sweet words of sorrow” in June 1998. Variety of metal magazines and written media of that period mentioned and discussed about him. In 1999, for the purpose of education and change of province group had to disband. With the help of Batur Akçura at both bass and production, Berk Öner founder of Yasru’s roles are; vocals, guitars and ethnic instruments. Still continues working on new songs and melodies.

Batur Akçura
Born in Istanbul but originally Tatarstan, Kazan descendant from both sides of the family, Batur Akçura reached his form by TÜMATA foundation at early ages. In addition to this he learned how to craft instruments like Ney (Reed Flute), Rebab and Bendir under the apprenticeship of Hanefi Kirgiz in between 2004-2008. Later, he began to learn Classical Guitar, Bass and harmony. With this education he became familiar with Western Classical music. Because of interest in sounds, he plays other West and East instruments too, for a hobby. Now he only plays bass with Berk Öner founder of Yasru.