June 8, 2017

Zarthas (Finland) sign worldwide distribution deal with Wormholedeath


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We are pleased to inform that finnish rock metallers Zarthas has signed a worldwide deal with WormHoleDeath for the release of their third album “Reflections”. The band stated: “Scouting for labels started already before the recordings, and WormHoleDeath was one of the first labels we sent our promotion to. In time, WormHoleDeath was also recommended by european promotion agencies, and we got convinced that we are now dealing with a label that is not only independent, down to earth, and artist-friendly, but has also grown to be quite a big player in the fields of international music business. As negotiations went on, pieces started to fall in place pretty quickly. We honestly believe that this is the beginning of solid co-operation, that suites the interests of both parties. Zarthas has received lot of feedback that we need to get our music to european markets, so clearly WormHoleDeath became our number one target as a label to co-operate with. “Reflections” was not an easy album to record. Our studio gear started to fall apart piece by piece right from the beginning. All and all recording and mixing process went on one step forward and two steps back because of that. So after bunch of misfortune, we were extremely happy to hear that WormHoleDeath liked the stuff, and wanted to release it. It feels like all the hard work and countless hours are finally paying off, and that feelsreally good. Whole band is very excited and happy for this opportunity.”
Full Press Release here.