September 21, 2017

Town Tundra (Russia) Sign With Wormholedeath!


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We are proud to announce that russian death metallers Town Tundra have signed a distribution deal with Wormholedeath for the worldwide release of their album “Misanthropy Never Fails”!
“‘Misanthropy Never Fails’ is the ode to individualism of the Man, confrontation of unique One-Aloner to hostile invasion of the faceless crowd. This is a Declaration of Sacred Love to Personality expressed in the words of Fierce Hatred and Intolerance to rabid narcissism of human cattle’s inner animal essence that oppresses the finest aspirations of the Soul, desecrates and destroys the environment of any Individuality – its freedom, culture, morality and ethics, historical truth, living nature. Misanthropy is the Aegis for the Person against diseases and disappointments of cruel depressive social being – bestiality, ignorance and disharmony. The Aegis that never lies and fails…The music of Town Tundra was born in severe vastness of Russian Arctic. Sharp rhythms made of the echoes of the nonfreezing sea roaring surf, harsh riffs inspired by blizzard howling amidst endless winter night, fabulous solos reminding ice patterns on frozen window, dreamy melodies striving forward and upward full of hope and true russian yearning – all these are merged by the warmth of northern musicians’ hearts as a message to hardline music lovers all over the world!” FULL PRESS RELEASE HERE