July 28, 2018

Rainover To Enter Studio Tomorrow!


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Spanish gothic rock combo Rainover will enter MathLab Recording Studio tomorrow to start tracking their sophomre album. Following the success of their debut platter “Transcending the blue and drifting into rebirth” this new record is a huge step ahead for the band, both in term of songwriting and identity.

Carlo Bellotti Stated: “Tomorrow we will start the production of Rainover‘s new album at MathLab Recording Studio. It has taken a long time to become reality but we have done a great pre-production job with the songs in Spain and we can’t wait to finally listen to them finished. The band’s identity is now stronger and the musicians have now such a great experience and convinction after 4 years of touring, festivals, songwriting and promotion. This record is darker but also more epic and melodic. I am so proud to be the producer of Rainover’s music again. I would like to thank the band and Jonathan Mazzeo for their constant trust. Wait and see…”

The band will record the album with their new guitar player Antonio Garcia.
Check out “Rebirth”  Taken from their debut album  “Transcending the blue and drifting into rebirth”