January 16, 2019

End Of Silence Sign With Wormholedeath


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Swiss astonishing metal combo END OF SILENCE are glad to announce that they have signed a deal with WormHoleDeath for the release of their sophomore album “Sail To The Sunset”. “If you set sails and start your journey, ther’s no way back. You need to fight the waves and the loneliness of the deep blue. But there’s always hope and there’s always a destination, that makes you feel strong and immortal. The new album “Sail to the Sunset” will take you to new horizons and will tell you what the story is about, how important it is to believe in yourself and the humans next to you.” “Sail To The Sunset” will be released on 15 February 2019 via Wormholedeath / The Orchard / Aural Music Group/ Wormholedeath USA. Full Press Release