May 21, 2019

Svet Kant Present “Labyrinths (of Scorn)” Guitar Playthrough Video!


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Svet Kant are proud to release Santiago Kodela’s guitar playthrough of “Labyrinths (of Scorn)” from the album “The Visage Unbiased” available everywhere on May 31 via Wormholedeath. Probably the most experimental track out of “The Visage Unbiased”, Santiago Kodela’s playthrough of “Labyrinths (of Scorn)” demonstrates an extremely intricate time signature and rhythmic richness throughout. The song talks about how the human mind works. It is an essay on self-loathing, self-doubt, and lack of confidence. An altered state of mind caused by no one but ourselves and our perception of what “reality” really is. The time signature draws from flamenco rhythms and unusual accents, and will surely challenge the listener to shift its point of view into a new world of understanding time signatures.