February 12, 2020



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We are proud to announce that we have just inked a new deal with the mighty management and promotion agency, KINGART from Sweden. KINGART will take care of the promotion for Wormholedeath’s bands as they each join the promotional roster. Wormholedeath will provide label support and services to Kingart, in order to expand their services in distribution and marketing. This is a collaboration created to activate a synergy between the two companies, both of which are expanding quickly. Kingart has a motto: “We have an ambition to create good long term relationships with our clients and colleagues around the world. We believe that a good relationship is built upon respect and trust. That both partners deliver what we promise.”…This is what we like about them, their attitude towards their partners and artists, and that’s why we are looking forward to starting this new deal.

Carlo Bellotti stated: “I have known Kingart since some years now and I had the pleasure to work with them on some projects already. They are as a team very passionate and serious about their job. We have been talking on Skype from time to time but during our last Skype talk, we both realized that our visions are very similar, as is our attitudes. That’s why we have decided to start this collaboration and I am really happy over it. I am looking forward to giving Kingart their first promotional task for us, and getting label tasks from them in return.”

Heidi Holm stated: “Our roads crossed when we were searching for a good label and publishing for our bands, and some bands had heard really good feedback about Wormholedeath, their global distribution reach and the way they handled the bands promotion. We have had several discussions during the last years on different label related topics and I have got many good advices from Carlo connected to the music business, even outside the label work. Since Carlo is a very nice person, professional and delivers good service with his team I am really looking forward to this collaboration”.

Visit the websites: www.wormholedeath.com / www.kingartmusic.se