April 16, 2020

Atlas : Empire Release Their 2nd Live Video “Its All in the Reflexes” Live @SummerFest!!


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Atlas : Empire unleash their 2nd live video “Its All in the Reflexes” Live @SummerFest today. “Its All in the Reflexes” is another track taken from the band’s album “The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet”, re-released in 2019 via Wormholedeath. Statement: “The second song we’ve chosen to release from our Snov Summer Fest set is ‘It’s All In The Reflexes’.We felt the message behind this track is very appropriate in the current climate – the drive & desire to overcome challenging circumstances and focus on a brighter future.We hope that resonates with people, now more than ever.” Steven Gillies (vocals & guitar) The video has been shot during Atlas : Empire’s performance at Snov Summer Fest (Ukraine).