April 24, 2020

Basement Critters – “Lucifer” – Official Video


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Track taken from Basement Critters’ upcoming album “God Save Us As .Jpeg” due for release via Wormholedeath.

About the video:

“For our video clip Lucifer, we worked together with Maarten Descamps “drone man”, a drone is also the symbol of our Gadget Generation, a flying ship that follows you everywhere and registers. With tracks on our album like gadget generation, track and trace, faq… we couldn’t leave the drone out of the picture. We chose a “preacher” look because of the title Lucifer, a reference to the devil. The song is about the fact that there is a form of evil in everyone, we are all able to commit murder when conditions are right. With today’s priest scandals, we cannot shed more light on this, our religious leaders are the ones with a very dark edge.”