October 21, 2020

Greybeard (Canada) : Sign With Wormholedeath and Announce Re-release of “Oracle”!!


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Canadian heavy metal band, Greybeard, has signed with Wormholedeath for the re-release of their astonishing full-length debut “Oracle”! Hailing from the northern reaches of Canada, Greybeard has honed their sound on “Oracle” with a story that wraps betrayal, cowardice, hatred, and ultimately vengeance into an epic album.
Combining elements of death, black, and prog, with a solid dose of classic metal influences, “Oracle” is set for release on 06 11 2020 on all digital stores and streaming services worldwide and it can be pre ordered HERE. A thunderous machine, pumping as much old-school groove as modern musicianship, Greybeard weaves roaring riffs and slithering solos, while tales of tyrants and tragedies spew forth. The band’s headbanging , fist pumping performances whip audiences into a froth of dancing demons as Greybeard unveils genre-defying harmonic soundscapes through a backbone of metal. Audience members have been unable to pigeonhole Greybeard, being treated with an homage to influences stretching from Opeth to Mastodon to Black Sabbath. Born under the vast shadows of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Greybeard are Ross Andersen, Casey Rogers, Amada Bourdon and Guy Onraet. The four friends entered a coven in 2018 over their love for the many moods inspired by all things heavy. After thumping stages in clubs and festivals in the local scene, and riding the wings of three EP releases, Greybeard’s full length debut album is primed for a new wave of aural ecstasy in 2020. READ MORE!