April 15, 2021

SCREAM COLLISION: Launch “AWOL” [Lyric Video]


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“AWOL” is a track taken from Scream Collision’s upcoming album “Memories” due for release on 21 05 2021 via Wormholedeath / Aural Music Group. Scream Collision are a Greek band formed in Athens in October 2017. In their first steps they played covers of Rock, Hard Rock, and Metal in a number of music stages. Their influences are varied but mainly come from Hard Rock and Metal. After a while they felt that it was time to compose their own music, and on May 31st of 2019 they release their first single “Rolling a Dice”. Presently they have completed their debut full-length album, entitled «Memories». This first album incorporates elements of music that has influenced them over the years, forming their own sound. It is a loose concept album, about a man battling mental turmoil and breakdown and emerging victorious for a bit of an uplift towards the end. The main concept connects the songs of the album, but every song is a bit different and has its own character. READ MORE