April 26, 2021

THE WAY OF PURITY: Unleash Shocking Video For “We Urge Human Race To Commit Global Mass Suicide”


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International eclectic metal combo THE WAY OF PURITY are back with a new shocking video! “We Urge Human Race To Commit Global Mass Suicide” is a track taken from The Way Of Purity’s 4th album “Schwarz Oder Rot” (2019, Wormholedeath / The Orchard) available worldwide here: https://orcd.co/no3lonp and on CD format HERE.
Band comment: After a whole pandemic year and the same old easter slaughtering, the urge for a severe wake up, was bound to be. The video goes with the flow of the lyrics and with no filter, matches what the human beings are doing to animals and to their own species. Nothing new in the story of our world, but the will to keep shaking the conscience of those who might need an extra shock to end this massacre.