May 26, 2021

Mephisto in Metal Hammer Magazine


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Today confirmation of our inclusion into the world famous Metal Hammer Magazine (Portugal) has been received. It’s a massive achievement to be included into one of the biggest Metal Mags in the world, especially coming from Cuba where there is limited press coverage of Metal bands and their exploits. The track Pentafixion has also been included on the compilation CD that comes with every copy of the magazine in addition to a write up about our latest full length album and the band as a whole. In addition to this great news, it can also confirm that an interview with Mephisto’s brutal guitarist Fabian Rodriguez will also be appearing in the Baixista Magazine Rokk issue, with content also being released in Guitarrista Magazine in their June issue. The same compilation CD will be distributed in that issue as well. The link is here if you wish to view the original transcript on the Metal Hammer Portugal Website-
The review of the album Pentafixion is a ripper and we’re so glad to share it with you right here below: Review: From Cuba – that’s right! – Mephisto take the black, cold and ceremonial metal from Scandinavia to the Caribbean. At a time when metal subgenres are no longer dictated by geographic rules, this band proves that the lesson can be studied and performed anywhere in the world. Based on black metal, but with a few hints of death metal (especially in the sharp riffs and ghastly voices), the eucharistic organs and mind-boggling guitar solos reign in shredding mode. It is also worth looking at the visual concept of “Pentafixion”, which focuses on the incomprehension shaped by older generations (perhaps even a mirror of Cuban society) in relation to news and other ways of life. Metal Hammer Portugal – 04th April 2021 Do yourself a favour and rush out to buy this great magazine. You’ll get heaps of great interviews and stories in addition to a one of a kind compilation CD featuring the best up and coming metal
masters in all metal genres.