October 26, 2021

Slaverty, Averted, The King’s Head, AMON-SETHIS and Smokeheads featured in “Sacrifiés!” VOL 2!


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We are proud to announce that Slaverty band Averted The King’s Head AMON-SETHIS and Smokeheads Band have been featured in “Sacrifiés!” VOL 2! It’s a rock & blues guide with 200 bands selected all over the world. It’s currently on presale and its physical release is scheduled for December 3.
FRANÇOIS ALAOURET “Sacrifiés 2 ! “Preface by Albert Choisnet “Sacrifiés! » did he deserve a volume 2? If the record stores and other record dealers reopened their doors, those of theaters remained closed. However, with a few exceptions, artists create with the stage for the objective and finality of their work. It is therefore difficult to do your job under these conditions. And it is once again a whole section of the music industry and related professions that have suffered. With “Sacrifiés! 2” the 200 chronicles pay tribute to all these artists, whose activity has still not returned to normal, but who continue to believe in it while waiting for better days when theaters and festivals will be sold again. -out and will see beautiful communions at work. ALREADY AVAILABLE FOR PRESALE RELEASE DECEMBER 3, 2021
www.anesthetize.fr Direct link to the presale: HERE